Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 2}

Another whirlwind week behind us for our new school year. I'm glad the rush of the start of our year is over & we can now settle into a more placid routine, or so we hope. I pulled a make-shift schedule together via icalendar, oh how I love using that lovely programme, for the boys to see who gets to work with me when. Or even more importantly what he who is not working with me should be doing. It still needs a little tweaking, for instance Morgan was content not to go first any day so he could get his work done that he doesn't need my assistance with. If you're unfamiliar with icalendar, it's the calendar that comes with your Mac products. You can colour code your schedule {that's my favourite part}, make them repeat for any odd assortment of days/weeks/months, set of alerts/alarms for the more important things. I can also synch it with my other idevices/mac products so no matter where we are or what we're doing we'll be notified when it's time to get on the road for another appointment, return library items, etc.

This was another short week for us as the boys had a day chok-full of swimming on Thursday & Mr S & I had a meeting in the city on Friday. Basically three days of school for our guys, but we made each one count. Jayden wrapped up Week 1 with his Animal Worlds. One of the things he needed to do was make sure his nature bag was stocked & ready for use this year. He was pretty excited by that.

Jayden's using one of the God's Design For Life science books as a spine with his core this year, & one of this weeks extra activities was to play animal charades & not to just use mammals as our animals. He thought up all kinds of animals that we wrote on paper, folded up & dropped in a bowl. We were suppose to play the game that evening, but it was postponed until Wednesday evening instead.

He was really keen to read aloud from his poetry book, especially after realising Morgan was reading aloud from his own. However, he learned pretty quickly that poetry is a little different to read based on where punctuation falls, but he didn't do too badly!

His FIAR book this week was Paul Revere, his choice, & he was really keen to draw the windows & doors mentioned in the manual. He was even more excited when we were watching a programme with a colonial home in it & he spotted the very same windows & doors. In fact, his response was, "MOM!! Look, quick, look at the window!!"

He really enjoyed listening to the poem that makes up this book, all though he was disappointed there wasn't much danger & action in the book. Which, mind you, I think there is action, but just not in the way he envisioned after our many "edge of your seats" Revolutionary War books we read in 2011. These notebooking pages were freebies from Homeschool Share which you can find listed under their FIAR Resources: Volume III: Paul Revere, except the fog booklet which is in their weather labook. It came with two other books we didn't use.

He also wrapped up his first week of writing with WWE. I made a mistake the week before because we started the week on a Tuesday instead of Monday, so rather then moving forward with any of our lessons we just wrapped up the outstanding ones from last week so we can start fresh next week. There was math this week too, finishing up the first unit/lesson in his book, & then he took his math test while on Friday while we were in the city. He aced it & complained that it wasn't much of a test.

Morgan started using Draw Your World! which comes from the Winter Promise geography core. We like to mix & match things. It was all pretty basic for him this week covering continents, oceans, latitude & longitude. He loves maps so this is a pretty fun thing at this stage for him. By the end of the year he should be able to easily identify many cities, mountain ranges, rivers, & other major landmarks within various countries around the world.

He uses the maps hanging on the walls at times to verify what he's doing. We need to pick up a globe this week because our maps aren't marked for latitude & longitude which he was really disappointed to realise. The map on the left is a huge favourite in our home.

He wrapped up unit/lesson one in his math this week too. Again, just basic/review stuff at this stage, so he also felt his test was rather weak. We'll see how they are feeling by the end of the year, all though Morgan is quite strong with maths so he often finds things quite simple once he understands the concepts.

Rather then progress into Week 2 of our SL Core, knowing we had a short week this week, we only did Morgan's SL science which we hadn't attended to last week. This is something he & I do together with me reading & him stopping me to ask questions if there's anything he doesn't understand. After reading short sections in each book he uses the worksheets above to define words, label things we've read about, or answer basic questions that I would have normally had him narrate to me anyway. I really love SL science.

I left Morgan with "homework" while I was at my meeting. Nothing major. He had his math test & then I left him some cell papers to colour for a mobile we'll be making as well as a brain which we'll turn into a brain hat. It's all "extra" for fun stuff, & he was pretty keen to turn the mobile into a notebooking page. My response was, "Absolutely!" The above pages came from a book I purchased during one of Scholastic's $1 sales entitled Scholastic  Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body.

We also hit our usual walking trail a few times this week. It's very autumn like over there right now with the many fallen pine needles & a few dropped leaves. All though the later is more from lack of water then anything else!

Excuse the blur here.. Wednesday evening we finally got to Jayden's lovely charades science game. See Jayden in the background rolling with laughter? yeah, this was pretty funny. I think this is where Mr S was being a fly & he kept "landing" on us. We were laughing so hard no one could make any guesses! We had a few injuries in our game too. Morgan, pulling out ostrich, threw his head in the "sand" & missed his pile of "sand" & hit the floor pretty hard. Mr S reopened a knee would & was bleeding all over the carpet after pretending to be some form of a worm. Jayden nearly hyperventilated panting like a dog in his representation of a dogfish. Morgan also managed to bruise his knees up when he decided to be a flying fish & took the whole "flying" part quite literally. And now you know how we entertain ourselves whilst camping!

Thursday we hung out with our Home Ed group at a pool a few towns over. We were there for all most 4 hours before we had to pack up & head to swim lessons much closer to home. Mr H's class was pretty slow this week as he just got a good feel for where each student was & what their abilities were. Jayden needs earplugs before his next lesson because he despises getting water in his ears. I'm not sure who freaked out more Jayde or Mr H when Jayde tried to climb up him while Mr H was trying to instruct him on the back float. Jayden's response was, "I wasn't worried about going under the water! I was worried about the water getting in my ears!!" He struggles with blocked ears, & has from a very young age due to the odd sticky ear wax he has, so anything going into his ears really freaks him out. His blocked ears can last for weeks making it difficult for him to hear.

And that was pretty much our week. Quite a full 4 days there! Mr S & I stopped at a cafe halfway between the city & home. It use to be a tradition for our family to stop here going to the city & coming back when the children were much younger as they needed to use the toilets. Now we only stop on occasion so it was a treat to stop & have the weather nice enough to sit out on the balcony. We were debating the reasons that farmer's field was so beautifully green when the last of the landscape in Tassie is so brown from lack of water this summer. In fact, I was sitting right there sending free txt messages to my mother about our meeting. Imagine that!, as my silly boys would say.

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Mel said...

I love your blog entries )
It was a 3 day week for us too.
After Thursday we were in no mood for the books.
Back into it on Monday.
It was lovely to see you again :)