Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 School Plans {6th Grade}

Morgan is entering 6th grade, which seems so hard to imagine! It wasn’t that long ago I told him he’d be starting school & he asked if I’d go with him. True story that, & then we explained to him that he was going to do school at home. In Tasmania this is the last year for children in Primary School. After this they go on to highschool for a few years, so this is Morgan’s last year before highschool! I've been trying to digest this for the past two years, so maybe by the end of this year it won't be so shocking for me!

6th Grade Plans:

Sonlight Core F -- This is Morgan’s primary school for the year. It will include geography, some history, reading, & more. It’ll be the first time he’s done a core on his own, all though I will still be reading some of the books to him & be encouraging him along. I’m really excited to see him take some ownership of it & hear all about what he’s learning. This child can narrate like crazy! Thankfully this is a 36 week programme & we’ll be taking a bit longer to do that, so it’ll give him a bit of extra time if he needs it without anyone panicking!

Math -- We’re also switching Morgan over to Math-U-See. He did phenominally with Saxon Math last year, but he could use to slow down & continue to focus a bit longer on Division. He has simple division down pat & he’s not too shabby with long division, but he’s not confident. I don’t want to see him go farther without being confident here because I know it will freak him out. So again, the fact that this focuses on one thing at a time is wonderful for our situation! I have a pretty good feeling he’ll fly through at least 2 books this year though!

Bible -- Morgan requested at the end of last year that I help him learn to study his Bible. Can I say that I was really shocked, in a good way, & impressed with his request. I felt it spoke volumes about where his heart was. So after some debating about how to go about it, I decided the best way was to use some Children’s Bible Studies to get him in the habit & ability of learning to do so on his own. So he’ll be using the Kay Arthur Bible Study For Kids book, Dig This!, A Boy After God’s Own Heart {I love the George’s books}, & a few other things.

Science -- Sonlight Core F Science, I’m excited & nervous about this topic as there will be some pretty big topics of discussion in this particular science core. Not that it matters, my guys are pretty open about all body stuff with us which makes it pretty easy to talk to them about changes & other things. He may end up doing some of the Elementary Apologia Physiology & Anatomy too. It would blend beautifully with his SL Science, but Apologia science lessons can be really long, so often this gets pushed to the back of the bench.

Geography -- This is covered with SL Core F.

History -- Australian History as well as his Core F. This is one of the things the boys will be doing together this year, in regards to Aussie History. Of course they are most looking forward to reading about Bush Rangers again. They love running around singing I’m A Big Bad BushRanger.. 

Spelling -- He’ll be continuing with the Sequential Spelling Programme. This programme has helped him so much I can’t say enough amazing things about it. Even before he got his glasses for SSS. This child writes us notes & signs & all sorts of other things & we don’t have to guess or work hard to figure out what he’s writing! It’s amazing, & we’re very proud of the hard work he’s put in!

English -- Again the boys will be together with the end of The Word Spy & The Return of The Word Spy. We also have the Activity Book & Morgan often pulls that out to see if there’s an activity for the day’s reading. Some are quite simple, but some are not & it always entertains him to try his hand at whatever it is.

Writing -- Morgan has been eager to write, anything, for a long time. Due to his undiagnosed SSS I’ve put it off because his writing means narrating to me while I type like mad to keep up with him. This year with his new glasses, a little bit of typing under his belt, a talk to text programme, & lots of patience on my part we’re going to be using Writing With Skill. I’m really excited about this, & so is he! It’ll take him through the process of poetry, note taking, non-fiction writing, etc. He can’t wait! We’ll also keep working with YoNaNoWriMo

Reading -- Morgan will be reading a large percentage of the books in Core F, which I’m nervous about & also very excited for him about. His reading has made huge leaps & bounds since getting his glasses. The child who use to be scrubbing at his eyes after 2 words or losing his place or or or.. Read our Bible Reading for devotions the other day. I was staring at him & he kept asking if he’d read the wrong chapter. The key here is letting him take it at his own pace, so it’ll be really interesting to see how he progresses this year.


Art -- We’ll be continuing with Drawing with American History as well as a couple of other things I still need to finish choosing & setting up. Art is a weak point for me, so I always have to be very intentional with our planning of it or it just doesn’t happen. Harmony Fine Arts Art Appreciation.

Music -- He’s still working with a recorder, but really wants to play piano. It’s funny because as a baby he was infatuated with guitar {which led to his love of the Red Wiggle Murray} & always wanted to play it, but suddenly he’s really keen to take on piano. Mr S is a phenominal piano player, but you know my Mom use to say that the cobblers children never had shoes. That’s what she told me when I worked at a gas station in the US & ran out of gas once on the way home. So I suppose it only stands to reason that the pianist’s child is often at want for lessons? Funnier yet we don’t own a piano, only electric full sized keyboards. It’s on our list of things to do this year to acquire a piano. I’m actually as excited as Morgan about this. Believe it or not I use to play piano, all though not even close to the way Mr S can.. Harmony Fine Arts Music Appreciation.

Typing -- I suppose typing isn’t really an elective these days, but for now we consider it one. We’ll continue using Type To Learn 4 which I picked up on a deeply discounted sale last year. We won’t be able to get that going until we get our desktop back up & running again though.

Cooking -- Morgan use to cook once a week with me as well, but it also fell by the wayside when the allergy issues came up. It’s time to get him right back in there again. Not that he’s been totally absent, he’s fully capable of baking things of his own accord, cooking eggs, bacon, etc. 

Swimming -- Morgan’s requested swimming lessons. They use to take lessons, but we stepped down when he took soccer up. He took a year off of soccer to explore other options, but never explored. He was suppose to play tennis this year, but the coach isn’t calling me back & I figure after a dozen calls she mustn’t want the money badly enough. He was going to try gymnastics, which Jayden was eager to do if he couldn’t play cricket, but we had him wait until we checked on the tennis lessons so they didn’t clash. While waiting he decided he wanted to do Little Athletics, but we had him wait as well, again so it didn’t clash. In the end the poor kid ended up with nothing & put in a request for swimming. Hold on to your hats for this.. The pool in town with lessons is closed until December 2013 while they remodel & add an indoor pool!!! No, I’m seriously not joking. If we can find someone capable & willing to teach him during the day, & a pool we can use in the daytime we’ll jump. Otherwise we may attempt to go for a late enrollment in one of his other options until December. He’ll get his swimming lessons eventually, as will Jayden! 

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