Thursday, January 10, 2013

Silly Boy

While making ornaments for last year's swap we had a whole assembly line going. It was quite the production here & we were all chatting away about the fun things we'd spent our year doing, the books that went with our ornaments & so on. Jayden was incredibly quiet & I looked up from what I was cutting to see him staring at me just like this.

The excess foam from our ornament left him with a perfect little mustache! He was quite proud of his idea for using the leftover bits, but we simply could not stop laughing. Thankfully most of what he does it so make us laugh so he didn't mind.

I'm afraid if there were a class clown in our little homeschool his name would be Jayden. This child can sit there & say the silliest, or naughtiest, thing while keeping a straight face. Once you get him laughing though it's pretty hard to make him stop.

This is the child who started the entire bunk house of cousins, uncles, aunties, & Nanas roaring with laughter when, after the rounds of "Goodnight Jayden." "Goodnight Daddy." & so on Walton style were finished, when he decided to let out the most realistic sounding gas noise ever. I joke not. There were a few twitters from his girlie cousins until his brother shouted out, "Awesome idea!" And may I just say he not only had them all rolling with laughter, this child had them all joining in, & when they couldn't make their noises sound realistic we heard, "Jayden, how are you making them sound so real?"

"Oh, you have to put the top of your leg on your mouth. It makes the best sound."
"How on earth did you get your leg up that high?"
"Like this!"

Never mind that it was dark & no one could see him. That he was in a totally different bunk room then everyone else. That night has gone down in family history as, "The night Jayden started a Gas War." Which is probably only second under, "The night Jayden started a snoring war.."

Truthfully, he doesn't always mean to be funny, it just happens! This past weekend we were changing all the bedding on all 6 beds & when I asked for the doona to go on his bunk he came running with it. I took it from him & said, "Thanks, but I don't think you're too short to reach it!"

He put his arms on his hips, tapped his toe, & glared at me. For five minutes. Until I finally said, "What on earth is wrong now?"
"You called me a rude name & I'm not helping you anymore!"
"I did not! I never called you a rude name Jayden!"
"Yes you did, you called me skinny!"
"You said I wasn't tall enough to reach the top bunk, you called me skinny!"
"Jayde! That means you're too short, which wasn't calling you names. I didn't think you could throw it up there & get it to lay flat because you can't even see the top bunk from the floor!"
"SEE!! You did call me skinny!"

He keeps us laughing for sure.

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