Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Packages & Customs

It's not abnormal for packages to get stopped in quarentine. We've had a few things sent to us held up there. A valentine, they suspected homemade paper with who knows what in it. A package that had peanut butter candy in it. They always leave a note inside telling us that they've opened it up & why. Circling any pertinent information in their flyer, but we've never had anything confiscated.

In December Mom sent the boys gifts, & one was held in Customs for a few days. They didn't hold it long enough to notify us until after the fact, & we just presumed the object was back ordered based on the invoice in the first box. It wasn't until we had a notice to collect our package at the post office we found out where it had really been.

The box was nearly as tall as I was & in pretty poor condition when it arrived, not that we paid much attention to that, it was the giant orange sticker on the reverse said that stated it had been subjected to inspection via customs. Inside was the legal statement I presume is in all such packages which was signed & dated.

The boys didn't find out until Christmas Day what was in the package, but it sure caused a lot of commotion around the house. In fact they had an Uncle tell them that he use to shake the packages so he could try to figure out what they were, & they reminded him that Grandpa was naughty for that too. Mr S & I nearly spilled the beans when Jayde was carrying the package into the house pretending it was a gun.

The gun is not real, it's a replica that went along with an Alivn C. York book & video. All of which Jayden is totally fascinated with. All though there were complaints about the film being in black & white. I told him to hold out I was certain the end scene, you know where York gets his medals, was in color.

Seriously, every time that movie was on tv Dad watched it. I was absolutely certain the final part there was in colour, but such was not the case on the DVD. Mr S was put out that I'd led them up the garden path on that one, after all he watched the entire movie! Jayden decided that it was a great movie, even if it was in black & white, then proceeded to go outside & spend hours pretending he was York. Never mind that the gun is the same size as he is. I may have to persuade him not to play sentry in the front yard with it though, we might attract the attention of the police officer in our neighborhood...

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