Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ornament Swap

For many years now our family has participated in an annual ornament swamp with the fellow families over at the Five In A Row Message Board. Our first year the boys made different ornaments to send out & that was the year the post office never wanted to see us again. We didn't make Jayden's ornaments flat so we had to fill out a customs form for every single one we mailed out!

In 2011 we had a grand idea in the works, but unfortunately our drill bit kept breaking & we couldn't obtain one locally that would do what we needed. We decided to change tactics & the boys made more wooden soldiers that we mailed out. That year the postal service in Australia had changed their fees so it was cheaper for us to send every single one of those ornaments to my parents & have them posted state side.

This year we had a grand idea but it went terribly awry. So we diverted to our backup idea which also went kapoot. What's the chances of that? We're hoping to work the kinks out of both of those & the previous one so that in following years we can still use those ideas. In the mean time we went with something totally different & our ornaments will be extremely late arriving to those who shared theirs with us.

We had to expand to a bigger box this year too, our former box was spilling over & then some. While the only rule to the swap is that the ornaments must be handmade, we love getting ones based on the stories that are used with the FIAR curriculum. It's fun to watch the boys remember which story the ornaments go with. That Peter Rabbit one up at the top is one Jayden made last year to mail out, all though it's generally a family affair assembling these fun ornaments. The globe under it is the one Morgan made last year, & he was ever so fussy about the beads he used!

This year we made two different ornaments as well, but only because we had a few people on our list who's siblings were also on our lists & we didn't want to send them duplicates. Which means one of the ornaments we made this year which we only sent to 4 people we'll be glorifying a wee bit to send out next year. Maybe we'll actually get them out on time for a change!


Tracey Clifford said...

Kendra, I love those ornaments. We had a lot going on this year so we had to miss it this year. Boo!!

Multi-tasking Mama said...

I actually wrote this on my TO DO list for this year (2013) but I am going to try and set up in NZ amongst homeschoolers. Maybe we should include Aussie ... lol