Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years Eve

We celebrated NYE with our tradition of opening a bag every hour starting at a designated time. Truth be told, we've always, always, always rolled the clocks back around 8 or 9, we watch a movie & everyone is tucked into bed by 11 at the latest. This year we decided to let the kids stay up until it was really midnight, after all they've finally reached the point where we let them stay up quite late during family camping & other special occasions throughout the year.

This year we started our tradition a bit later in the day as we spent the nice weather out on a family walk, cleaning the house, & other odd chores. Then we collected Nana, who quite enjoys hanging out as ringing in the New Year was a big thing in England. Mostly, though, we just enjoy a good reason to hang out as a family & have fun.

The tradition for many years has been to go to our local Cherry Orchard, get some fresh cherries & everyone a cherry ice cream. The downside is their ice cream is sugary, & well made of milk. You know, like most ice cream! I can't have milk, & we've been seriously limiting Jayden's milk intake due to eczema so I suggested to the boy we go to the Cherry Shed on the 30th & collect cherries to freeze. Then we could make our own nifty coconut milk ice cream & blend cherries in it. Jayden wasn't totally on board until Morgan reminded him that I can't have the cherry shed ice cream & I'd be left out. So we made our own ice cream {2 tins of light coconut cream we use the Marco brand, 1/3-1/2 c honey we used less with sweet cherries being blended in, & 2 T vanilla} & then blended it in the food processor with frozen, pitted, cherries. The guys had them in ice cream cones.

Next up we played a few quick card games: Sleeping Queens, Say Cheese, & Snout. An awful lot of giggles were heard when I whined that I wanted to have the Bubble Gum king. The cards are seriously cute to this game! Say Cheese is very fast paced, Jayden decided to just try & help Nana with that one.

Then the guys helped make dinner. All though Mr S cooked it for us. Yeah, sadly he was left with the pink apron because I all ready had my favourite red polka dotted one on. Ignore our laundry hanging in the background, will you? We watched a movie while we ate, but it wasn't very good..

Next up was another round of quick card games. Say Cheese {pictured above} was back on the table as well as Ratukee. We picked the later up while in the US during one our trips down the clearance isle in Walmart. It's another really fast paced game, but both boys really enjoyed it. It caused an awful lot of laughter.

We headed back to our old neighborhood, because it's less crowded & you can sit right on the water, to watch the early fireworks show. Jayden hates loud noises, me too, but amazingly watched the firework shows without the need for ear plugs or fingers. I was really impressed.

Next up we had grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free {we just call them everything free} chocolate cakes in the microwave, & The Railway Children movie to watch. I love The Railway children, the book, the movie, all of it. It's so good. I can't wait to read the book to the boys now that they've seen the movie. I'm afraid that Jayden is very much like me & will lament loudly when the movie doesn't match the book.. I feel his pain, deeply.

We paused halfway through the movie to open up our new devotionals for the year & calendars. Jayden's devotional was the only one that arrived in time, can you tell what he'll be studying in school this year? Morgan's came when the mail was up & running again {Adventures in Odyssey}, & so did Jayden's Veggie Tale Calendar. Morgan received the same calendar we give him every year.

10 minutes before 12 we paused the movie again & the boys hung up the New Year banner. Jayden was so ready for bed, & we told him he could just curl up in his quilt & sleep if he wanted, but he decided he couldn't possibly go to bed before the movie ended. He really loved it!

At 12 we went outside & the guys used some extraordinarily long sparklers Morgan spotted at our local grocery. We usually have sparklers for birthdays too, but when Morgan spotted the super big ones I thought it would be a fun treat to surprise him with. I, personally, hate sparklers so I don't generally use them. Instead I light them for others. Jayden was too tired & cold to do more then half heartedly shake one sparkler. Instead he kept begging Morgan to hurry up so they could finish the last 10 minutes of the movie. He actually did stay awake long enough to finish the movie & then they both trundled off to bed.

After a nice long sleep-in for everyone we woke up & had our traditional New Years Day pancakes. I tried a new recipe that was "everything free" again, that weren't actually "everything free" as I went & put eggs in them. Whoops! I didn't eat them, but Nana & the guys did. Everyone but Jayden gave them thumb up. He only ate one & then said it was so filling he just remembered he didn't like pancakes. Ha! Yeah, we laughed, big time.

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