Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Games

Our family loves playing games, & one thing we do every summer when Mr S is out of work is spend a lot of time playing the ones we own. It's also been a tradition for me to purchase the guys all a new game every Christmas. This year Mom joined the fun & purchased our family Memoir '44. The boys had been eyeing this up for a long time & it has a lot of expansion packs that go with it too.

The entire game is based on WWII which was a huge hit with the boys after all our studies this past year. It was played many times over the Christmas holiday while we were visiting family. Notice all the guys teaming up in this game? Yeah, the loved it.

Mr S was given Settles of Catan, which I finally broke down & purchased. It's quite pricey here in Tasmania, but we spent many hours playing & enjoying it. All though there were more laughs as we tried to figure out how to play the game, especially when we hit Turn 1, step 1000. Which doesn't truly exist, but by the time you've read through a half dozen you kinda feel like there is.

It was pretty quick to learn though, once we made our way through the rather well detailed steps for each turn. That was until we met the snag of Mr S not understanding what we meant when we were trying to trade goods with him! Lots of laughter there too, but all in good fun.

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