Monday, January 21, 2013

Nerdy Jokes

There's this rediculious joke running around about Chuck Norris. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you. All I know is that my husband & his brothers have gone crazy with it.  There was a time when you couldn't get anything done without them attempting to crack at least one of these silly jokes.

It just so also happens to be that Mr S & I don't watch tv shows when they are on tv, at least not very often. Mr S use to tape them to watch later, but eventually he had so many taped & not watched that he ran out of space to tape more! Weird, but true. Then, we also noticed that the station he was taping them from would have a poor signal during the one show he wanted to watch!

He was so annoyed by the whole thing that I went down to the local video shop to see what I could find for him. They had a special on where you could buy 2 full seasons of shows for $45. He loved this so much that every now & again he'll ask if I've been to the shop to pick up anymore because he's currently out & rewatched what he's had many times over.

That day the dog managed to prove his door opening skills while we were running all over town I happened to pop in to pick him up a few more shows because the shop was having a major special again. While looking for something different for Mr S, that wouldn't freak me out {because I don't do intense very well at all}, I stumbled upon a few seasons of Walker Texas Ranger. Laugh if you must, but my family actually use to watch that show on a rather regular basis. In fact, my brother once met Walker's sidekick in the show at a Karate Tournament. That was the talk of the house for a long time.

So there I am standing in the middle of this shop that is, by the way, incredibly noisy. I burst out laughing & decided that was the show I had to purchase for him. I brought them all home & stacked them up on the counter & left them for Mr S to find. You should have heard the laughter in our house when he saw the DVD. I'd like to think of it as the whole "Final word on the joke", but I'm pretty sure before it's over we'll end up with the whole crazy set.

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Anonymous said...

Walker Texas Ranger is easily the best TV show. Great action, good plot and Chuck Norris. Love it.