Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mr Mouse

For Christmas I made the boys these cute little mice that fit right into tins. I'd had them on my craft list to make for a while but couldn't find the tins I was after. While in the US we stopped into a little shop near Mom's for lawn chairs & while browsing the isles looking for something for Mom I found little tins just the right size for $1. So I snagged them, but then when I got home I was so busy I never found time to make them, along with a hundred other projects I have on my "to-do" list.

I snuck away one afternoon & sat in the craft room working on them. Of course none of the guys would come in the room & stood in the hallway outside shouting, "We're hungry!" or "What are you doing?" or "Can we come in?" I had actually considered havin the boys help make them for something to do this summer, but I was worried that with the small "fiddliness" of them it might be too much.

Either way they've been great sources of entertainment of late. Jayden asked Mr S to help him make a clothes line & this is what they came up with. How cute is that? Apparently Mr Mouse wet his bed & had to wash up all his bedding & then sit & wait patiently to dry. It took all day & I had to vacuum around him.

There was a lego car built for him, complete with a special section for his tin house to hold it in place so when Mr Mouse did loop-de-loos in the sky with his car, that can obviously fly, his house didn't tumble out. The whole car was remodified so there was a window to help Mr Mouse drive better because he was tired of getting tickets.

I even heard tell that Mr Mouse got to play in the playmobil pirate ship, but the pirates tried to cut his tail off so he ran away. I'd feel bad for him except Mr Mouse & Mr Mouse 2 went to the shop with us for our weekly fruit/veggie run. Mr Mouse 2 was caught trying to juggle sweeties/cuties/mandarins/tangerines. He then proceeded to use his tail as a radar to call in enemy fighting ships & had to be pulled out of the red onion bin where he was seeking shelter from enemy warcraft. Mr Mouse nearly fell into the butcher's room, was nearly left behind in the weighing scale, & then proceeded to beg for a chocolate. I told both mice they'd better get back in their little tin boxes or I was going to pick up mouse traps!

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

How cute is that mouse? And that clothes line is brilliant. What clever boys you have.