Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lunch Out

The Village my mother-in-law lives in threw a Christmas Lunch for the residents & Nana invited us to go along. The boys were really keen to go & see what it would be like, I confess I was less enthusiastic because with my food issues eating out can often be a nightmare. However, between the Chef on duty & Nana they made sure the food I was served was safe for me! It was really sweet of them.

My children will most likely never be forgotten by the other residents, & it all started with a bottle of ketchup. See, they served turkey &/or ham as the meat. Jayden took the turkey & then asked if he could please have some ketchup. There were two guys working behind the counter, the manager one of them. He told Jayde, while trying to surpress laughter, that they didn't have ketchup they only had tomato sauce. Jayden shrugged & said, "That's okay, it's the same thing." Which led to a ridiculously long discussion on why or why not they may or may not be the same item. In the end they gave him the bottle of sauce with "tomato sauce" scratched out & ketchup written on in it's place.

You'd think it would have ended there, right? No. Of course not. Word got out that we'd recently been in the states so when the blind auction started there were rumours people might be putting US money in the pot. When Morgan won they triple checked that all his funds were Aussie, which only caused more laughter. 

We quite enjoyed ourselves though, & the boys thought it was fantastic to drink out of fancy cups with mint leaves floating in their punch. They were even farther over the moon when a couple of residents who won other rounds of the auction gave them the lollies in their packages. Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon!

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Hello, happy new year
I just came to say thank's for the idea for my kid's snak's today :)