Friday, January 4, 2013


Each year we hang up our crazy reindeer calendar as we make our way through December. In years past when the boys were younger each pocket had something to do in it. It's not that they are too old for the fun of that now, but that we are usually on a mad dash to the end of our school year. It's one of those things about living overseas.

This year, I was debating filling them with the typical things we do, but I hate putting things in there & then worrying over being able to follow through with doing them. I debated a Lego Advent calendar, but goodness me they are far too pricey. So we came up with a better idea, we made our own.

We printed out 25 Christmas jokes, 25 Bible readings, & broke down two boxes of lego into 12 snack sized baggies. Then we filled our calendar. Each day the boys were excited to see what lego they'd get, but it wasn't until the 24th that they knew what their sets were! We always have a special note in the 25th pocket, & since we wouldn't be home on the 25th we opted not to put lego in there.

The boys absolutely loved the new spin on our old tradition, & it was a lot of fun watching Mr S sweat it out when the boys were walking down the Lego section in a local book shop & figured out what their Lego sets most likely were. I tried to help by telling them they were all wrong & pointing to absurd sets, but it did little to persuade them.

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