Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lego Book Challenge

A few summer's ago we used a free Lego Lapbook & lessons from Homeschool Share. It was just one of those fun school things & the boys really enjoyed it. Their favourite part was the daily lego challenge & since then they've asked me a million times if I have any lego challenges for them. They've participated in the Lego Challenge blog, but not on a regular basis. 

A week or so ago it was quite hot & humid, the kind where you close all the blinds, pull the outside shade protectors down & huddle in the shade with a bottle of water until you run to the beach. Yeah, that kinda hot. Instead of hiding, though, we decided to finish off Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets. We started it sometime in 2010 I think.  The books are amazing to read, but it was often pushed to the back of the pile when something else came up, a library book, a school book, a long forgotten book on the shelf.

Morgan bemoaned the fact that I never finished reading it to him & that he'd really like to not only finish it but move on in the series. On this particularly hot & muggy day I grabbed the book & just started reading. They are the type of book that after only reading a few sentences you feel like you've read pages & pages, so beautifully descriptive & full of information. So we read & read, & each time I tried to put the book down they'd cry for more. We finished it that week & have since moved on & finished book three as well.

However, on this particular hot day, after visiting the beach for hours & reading for hours there was a very listless eleven year old who wanted to bake cake pops. He was so disappointed when I told him that I thought unwise as turning the oven on would make the house hotter, so instead I said, "But I do have a lego challenge for you!" 

I challenged him to build a scene from the book we had just wrapped up, any scene he wanted from his own imagination. We lost him for hours buried deep in the lego pool. {No, really it's a pool of lego!} When he emerged later he had the above scene all built up. He asked me if I knew what it was & was ever so delighted when I said, "Of course I do! That's Harry after he's defeated the Basilisk & he's about to throw the fang into Tom Riddle's diary. Ginny is the red head laying off to the side still waiting to wake-up. But, really I love the fact that you included the Sorting Hat & the Sword of Gryffindor!" Of course that was nothing to the elation when Mr S walked in & knew what it was without descriptions.  

You knew what it was too, if you read the book, right?


Sheryll said...

This makes me want to buy some Harry Potter Lego!

Kendra said...

Sheryll, he only has a small amount of HP lego, the snake, for instance, was all free formed. He created it & just plucked lego out of the pool. ;)