Friday, January 11, 2013

It's back!!

I absolutely love the Day Spring calendar Bible Tails!! So much so I think I've mentioned it a few times over. My sister-in-law gave it to us one year for Christmas, three years back now I think? After Mr S had stood in Koorong laughing so hard I was certain they'd chuck him out. He'd been reading the calendar.

Last year we were so sad to learn there wasn't going to be a wall calendar. We'd actually heard from Jon Huckeby, the fellow who draws the funny pictures for this calendar, & he confirmed that instead of a wall calendar it was a postcard calendar last year. Our local Koorong didn't carry it so we didn't even get to see it! Even still, I really wanted the wall Calendar. The boxes are just the right size for jotting down all the craziness we have going on. And the pictures..

Oh my goodness. We refuse to peek ahead because we just find them so incredibly funny we want to be surprised each month. I spotted this years calendar at Koorong during one of their specials for $4! I was so excited & ordered it straight away. There was a lot of laughter when we hung it up this month. We're so looking forward to having it on the wall again this year!

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Resting in the Wildflowers said...

Love it. I want one of these as well now! Funny