Thursday, January 24, 2013

In Which We Break the Vacuum

Last year we purchased a nifty new vacuum. It was a big decision for us purely because vacuums are so incredibly expensive here. However, we were left with little choice when the old vacuum suddenly blew up, complete with a whiz, bang, & smoke. It turned out that there was something faulty in the fuse box & had that been up to date it wouldn't have killed our poor vacuum. Anyway, after much looking & debating I went down to the local shop that had what I wanted in stock on sale & haggled my way to a deeper discount. Came home, plugged in our new vacuum & have used it quite happily ever since.

That was until last weekend. We have a rather large home with many rooms that need vacuuming, especially at the current moment because we also happen to have an ant issue. As in, they tend to fall, dead from various places around the house in their journey towards water. Which means we vacuum a lot. Everybody pitches in. I'll vacuum, then call out two or three rooms for the next person to vacuum. When that child is done I'll call out the next three rooms for the following person to vacuum, & so on until our home is done.

Well last weekend I did my part, & then had each child vacuum. When they were done I was suppose to go vacuum the last two rooms, but I got distracted with doing something in the kitchen. Then the guys were screaming for food. Which meant a trip to the store, then back home to cut, cook, & serve their food. At which point I figured the vacuuming could wait until I was done with my own lunch.

The guys wanted to eat in the lounge so we could catch the last bit of the cricket match before they stopped for lunch. So I plopped down in one of our recliner chairs & decided to throw the foot rest up so I could ice my knee while I ate lunch. Only, at the very moment I flipped the foot rest up I heard a distinctive pop followed by the crackling of electricity. I said, "Guys, I've got a serious problem. I'm pretty sure this chair is being electrocuted & I dont' dare move." Before I was halfway finished with the sentence the power to the house went off.

I climbed out of the chair & we lifted it up to check out what was going on. Some kind & helpful child had wrapped the vacuum cord under the chair when they'd pulled the vacuum down the hall. Yes the cord is very long, but we also use a huge extension cord so we don't have to keep plugging & unplugging, we just turn it on & go until we're done. The cord was wrapped at just the wrong point & when I'd flipped the base of the chair up it had caught in between the metal bars & cut the wire in half. The plastic around the wire had literally melted to the wire of the chair!

What are the chances of that happening?! I wrapped up the wire, or rather what wasn't cut of it & wailed, "How will I vacuum now!" Mr S, a tad more rational shouts, "Who cares! You were nearly electrocuted  do you realise what could have happened?" My ever so loving response was, "Don't be ridiculous  the real problem is I can't vacuum the house!"

Thankfully Dyson didn't ask too many probing questions, all though they were a bit amazed we'd managed to slice the cord. They gave us the info of our local Dyson fellow who sent a courrier around to collect the machine & bring it back to us. A week without a vacuum though, nearly drove me insane!


Tara said...

Oh no! I know exactly what you're talking about. I did that very thing last year with my laptop cord! :(

Erin D said...

First off, let me say that I'm very glad you weren't electrocuted.

That being said, I'm so glad that our family isn't the only household that this kind of thing happens to! Kids just have a natural gift for unintentional destruction, don't they?