Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Which A Door Is Fixed

Remember how our dog ran off in a spastic furry of fear during a thunder storm while we weren't home? We collected him from the "Doggie Jail" & then life went back to normal? Well, it didn't quite go back to normal. For a week solid we tripped over Buster non-stop because he would not leave my side. As in, where I went he'd be right under my feet. He's not exactly a small dog either!

We needed to return library books, so we put him outback, double secured all gates, threw him a bone & left. We came hom & our sliding screen door didn't look right, as though someone had stretched the screen in a few spots. The next time we went out we came home & there were obvious holes in the the door, & by the third time we went out the door was ripped & the dog was in the house staring out the front window crying. I was livid with him & shooed him outside where he sat sulking & crying more.

We fixed the door, temporarily, & then a while later we went out again. This time the door was ripped beyond repair & the dog stood at the window, crying with his tail between his legs. He always puts his tail between his legs when he's been naughty, which is how we know he's been naughty! So I told him to go to bed & he crawled down the hall & slinked into bed while I picked up the mess.

Now, you'd think that would be the end of it because we stuck him outside a week or so later & closed the glass door as we now couldn't have the screen open because flies were coming in like crazy. Which is exactly what we did as we went to town to get groceries, a few school supplies, & of course the needs so we could rescreen the door.

We were gone an incredibly long amount of time as we walked all over town, & then retraced our steps looking for a tiny dropped item, then back again to get to the car.. You're getting the point now right? By the time we got we were completely worn out & couldn't wait to put things away just so we could sit down. Imagine our surprise when we drive up & see the dog, pretty as you please, sitting in the window laughing at us!

So we march inside & tell him to get out of the house. He sulks, but does as he's told. That naughty beast had pried the back sliding door open, because he's incredibly clever & a little boy didn't lock the back door.

That evening Mr S helped rescreen the door after the dog sat staring at me for a half hour while I pulled the door off the track. He sulked while he saw the new screen going on, he sulked when we rehung the door. He was quite excited when we had to pull the door down & fix a few of the tension screws, but he quickly regained his sulky composure when the door went back up.

Then, wouldn't you know that naughty little beast sat outside the door the other morning staring at me. It was quite chilly so the glass door was closed instead of the screen door. I often ignore him when he's staring at me, it's game we play called, "I don't like you staring at me so I'm going to pretend you aren't.." Unless I play the other version which is, "I can stare into your eyes longer then you can stare into mine.." But I digress..

Here I sat working on school plans when that naughty dog got tired of me ignoring him & decided to demonstrate just how he knows how to open the sliding doors. What he failed to realise is that I wouldn't be proud of him. Instead I jumped up & growled & complained at him & told him to go hide himself. Which he did. While I closed the door & went right back to ignore him..

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Erin D said...

I am laughing so hard my eyes are watering! Sounds like one of our dogs! Hope the new screen survives the weekend. :)