Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

One time a year I make great big cinnamon rolls: Christmas. Morgan's first official Christmas I was reading a mystery book & there was a recipe in it for Monster Cinnamon Rolls. The recipe claimed the cinnamon rolls were truly monstrous in size & being a small family of three at the time I didn't see us being capable of eating them. Instead I decided I'd make them for Christmas morning & we'd take them with us to share with family. The rest is pretty much history.

I usually make these a week or two in advanced & let them rise the final time before I cover them in plastic wrap & foil then pop them in the freezer. They stay there, usually, until Christmas morning when I turn the oven on & pop them, frozen, in there to heat while we go about our business. This year I defrosted them by pulling them out of the freezer very late on Christmas Eve because we were going to the need the oven for a variety of things.

I've tried to get out of making these a few times, but the guys always insist that we must make them. For a while I was making them sugar-free too, but this year I made them the old fashioned way. Because they had eggs, milk, butter, & wheat in them I couldn't have any so I made an "everything free" version & Jayden & I shared those.

On years when it's just the four of us at home we only pull one pan out & leave the other in the freezer for another time. Sometimes I wrap up the extras individually & will pull one or two out for them as a special treat. This year, I'm thinking of surprising them with Cinnamon Rolls for Valentine's Day, because I really love surprising them!

If your bread maker can handle large quantities of dough you can let it mix the dough up, but I suggest oiling a large bowl to let it rise in. I usually turn my oven on very low so the dough rises much quicker in the big bread bowl. My guys love the icing on them, but I rarely remember to make it, when I do Mr S is always very gleeful.

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Lisa said...

Your cinnamon rolls look so pretty! We, too, traditionally enjoy these on Christmas morning! I looked in your recipe section and couldn't find your recipe. Would you mind sharing it, or posting a link?

Thanks so much! Enjoy your holiday!
schroepfer 7 (at) gmail (dot) com