Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Jayden has really loved his history studies this year. In fact it's all he talked about for a long long time. So when Gram wanted to know what he wanted for Christmas I confessed that what he'd really love most was things based around WWII. She was very happy to do just that.

Not only did Jayden discover the book & video about Alvin C York {WWI} along with that crazy long package that caused so much commotion at the post office, there was also a WWII rucksack & helmet. Of course, no one could resist trying that crazy helmet on & goodness me it was heavy. I'm talking smashing your vertebre kinda heavy. In fact, we had this on going chat over Christmas imagining what those fellows must have been going through in regards to neck muscles along having to wear those heavy helmets!

It doesn't phase Jayden though, he just straps it on & trots outside to reenact one battle or another. In fact, for a while he had all his essentials in his rucksack: fizzy juice, chocolat bars, & nerf bullets. Not so sure that's what they mean with the "always be prepared" statement, but it seemed to be enough for him!

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