Saturday, January 19, 2013

Busy Planning

We're enjoying the final weeks of our summer holiday, but I've not been entirely idle despite my blogging disappearance. Gearing up for a new school year takes a bit of time as we decide on our final choices & attempt to set up some form of schedule to get us through the months ahead.

One thing I've really enjoyed about our curriculum of late is that there's no planning needed on my part. It means I can spend the time enjoying the learning instead. However, this year Jayden's taking a year off from Sonlight & switching back to Winter Promise as I don't feel he's quite ready for Core F yet.

Instead he's selected to use the Winter Promise Animal Worlds Core. Instead of purchasing their latest edition I decided to extend our budget a little & take their older edition & their more updated science core edition & turn it into something that will work for us. It's not a complicated process, all though I did swap in & out some books based on what we had, what we wanted to read, & what we've all ready read a few times over.

I'm really happy with the result & Jayden is so excited! I've been sharing with him some of the crafts he'll be doing & discussing some of the animals he'll learn about. Of course my entire intention is simply to excite him for the year ahead, animals & being outside all wrapped into learning has his name written all over it!

I finally wrapped it up today, all though I still need to schedule a few read alouds to use in there. Double check that our weeks align with our seasons, look into a membership for a local animal sanctuary, & schedule the science book in when it arrives in the mail. But the majority of the work is done which is such an awesome feeling.

Now I get to read over the other exciting bits of curriculum we have planned & finalise our "schedule" which I should really consider calling a "guideline" so I don't panic when we don't stick to it too closely. We're looking forward to a funtastic school year!

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Resting in the Wildflowers said...

I actually really enjoy this time of year. I've been doing the same as you. and I had planned to start next week but it will be a light week, just to introduce some of our new things and get the kids excited about what's in store for the coming months. May God bless your plans Kendra. Smiles, Renelle