Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sticker Shock

I don't buy boxed cake mixes or any other boxed mixes. In fact, I generally don't even stop to look at the boxed mixes in the grocery store unless we're down the health food isle, those ones usually avoid egg & dairy.  A couple of weeks ago, though, I was in the grocery store & noticed the familiar red spoon label of a well known US boxed cake/cookie/sweet mix: Betty Crocker.

It's not often we find familiar labels in the store & so it caused me stop & gawk for a minute. The longer I gawked, though, the more shocked I became. Check out the price on those mixes, will you?! You're reading that right: $5.19. Those same mixes use to cost all of .97 cents when we left the US. No idea how much they are now as I didn't even stop to look at them when we were there earlier this year, but I'm pretty sure they aren't anywhere near $5.19.

Mr S asked what on earth I was doing, & I said, "Check out the price on the Betty Crocker stuff!! Who'd pay $5 for this stuff?" "I dunno, do they have lemon?" I made a beeline for the milk that he complained we were out of & suggested he spend his $5 on the milk he wanted instead.

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Diane said...

I also haven't purchased a boxed caked mix in a long time. A couple of years ago here in the US you could definitelty get one for 1.00. I would guess at this point it is in the neighborhood of 1.50 and 2.00.