Friday, December 21, 2012

Morning Routines

This picture is a good indication of what our house looks like at about 8:15 on the average morning. Around here, especially in the summer, we're up pretty early. It's hard not to be when the sun is streaming in your windows. The boys have been making their own level/world in a Lego Wii game that they have. Morgan's really into trying to design his own game & Mr S has promised to help him with it, but explained that you need to start with the basics.

The basics didn't exactly move at the speed Morgan was hoping for, but while he's waiting to expand beyond that level of thinking he realised he could make some pretty amazing game play for Mr S in his nifty Lego game. This seems to have appeased all involved & keeps them pretty busy too. It's quite funny to see them thinking up complex situations in which each thing must be solved before you can complete your mission.

Morgan spent all his video game time for three days building this crazy thing & then wanted Mr S to play it through. Unfortunately we were out quite late that evening & by the time we got in everyone was too tired to mess with video games, so Mr S promised to have a go of it in the morning.

I came in from my morning walk & sat down to ice my knee to the three of them discussing what needed doing. It was quite funny to watch & Morgan was really pleased when it was dubbed "Rather tricky". Of course Morgan informed Mr S, ".. you're only testing it remember. I'll be changing some things up so it works better for the next time you play." I seriously snorted when he said that.

The boys have been troopers over the years helping test many of Mr S' games, & it's always frustrated Mr S when they prefer the prototype game. You know, the raw one with a lot of goofs in it, yep, those are their favourites. I think it's because they find all the goofs really funny, that & the funky sound he'd hooked up to them originally. I guess it was only natural that Morgan would give his father the same warning. The only reply I heard over my snorting was, "Just don't get rid of the pumpkin car, I love that!"

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