Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keeping Track of Audio & Ebooks

We've been members of Audible.com for years now. I say years, because I can't actually remember how long we've been members there for, I just know it's been a long time. It's a pretty simple, & fun, club. Basically, as a member, you get a specific amount of tokens each month, then you use those tokens to grab a book for "free". We started out as a one token a month family, but eventually upgraded so that we have 2 tokens a month. Seriously, I think we'd love 3 a month now that the boys are old enough to want specific books too, but they also have really awesome sales over there so sometimes I pick up books then too. We listen to audio books for school, in the car, during storms, when camping, while doing chores, & just about any other time you can think of it. Needless to say we have a lot of audio books. The kids will often ask if we can get one book or another & I'll say, "You know we own that right?"

Kindle books are about as bad. I don't make a general habit of buying kindle books & just keep my eyes out for the various places around the internet that share the free listings. My husband & bil were mortified when they were using my kindle for something & discovered I had all most 700 books on the thing. I really freaked them out when I said, "Yeah, & I've only paid for about 6 of them. The rest were freebies at one time or another."

The upside is we have a lot of awesome books at our disposal, for which I'm extremely grateful. Books never go astray in our home. It's fun to listen or read them over & over again. To allow friends & family to borrow them, yes even our audio & ebooks {you know you can loan ebooks out right through your kindle account, right?} so they can share in the fun stories too.

The downside is that we often forget what we have until we go to grab it again & Audible or Amazon notifies us that we all ready own the book. It happens, a bit too often I'm afraid. I usually have a huge stack of books to read through, which is the case now too, but when I grab the kindle to read something I'm often not sure where I want to start. For instance, I know right now I've got several Christmas books on there I'd love to read, but I can't remember the titles.

I decided to get serious about cleaning my mess up & turned to Delicious Library. I'd tried it out a few years ago for free, but didn't purchase it then because I was using Library Thing. Library Thing is a nifty website where you can keep track of all the books, cds, & what not that you own. It's really a great way to keep track of what you have because you can even tag the books & things. For a person with books in two countries this is a great way for me to know what's where.

However, I'd fallen away from using it, to be honest & when I went back there to see if I could print lists of my books out so that we could see what we had, I couldn't seem to find a way to do it. Which reminded me of my trial time with Delicious. You can print your book lists. The whole shebang or you can print them off in categories {known as shelves} so you can see what you have where. This is exactly what I needed!

I entered all our Audio books & all our Kindle books into the crazy thing. While you can scan barcodes with it, there was no way I could do that with e-items, so I had to do it the old fashioned way & enter all 800 plus items in by hand. Time well spent though, really. I then printed it out my various shelves & threw them in a notebook with page protectors in it. I've broken it down, for now as: Kindle Kids Books, Audio Kids Books, Audio Chapter Books, etc. I'll break it down by genres later.

I was also able to create the lists of suggestions I had for my boys with this nifty programme simply by entering in the titles that we didn't own but could grab from the library, audible, or kindle. The rest that we all ready owned I just dragged & dropped right onto their own little shelves, printed them out, & filed them into our notebook. Easy peasy!

Now when the books say, "I don't know what to read!" or "I want to read something different!" or "What's on the kindle? Any new books?" "Do we own..?" All I have to do is remind them there's a e-book catalog on the shelf & they can refer to it. Of course, I'll have to remember to update it when I grab new things. My plan is to enter the new stuff into the programme immediately & then reprint necessary pages monthly depending on how much we obtain in a month.

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Is Delicious Library just for Macs?