Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ice Skating

Our second to last event with our home ed group this year was ice skating. I have a general rule about participating in things that cost money, especially higher amounts, it's a weird rule with a lot of reasons, but it doesn't really matter because I completely broke that rule because I was desperate to take the kids ice skating!

I spent the two weeks leading up to it telling them all sorts of stories of the ice skating my siblings & I use to do on the little creek that ran through our backyard in NY state. They were pretty excited until I was reminded of the time our friends were over & we were playing hokey on the ice. One brother fell on top of another brother & it was all fun & games until the younger brother got up & we noticed he'd managed to get his eye lid sliced by a skate. The boys wanted to know if that meant ice skating was dangerous. I assured them no one was playing hockey or dog piling on the ice.

It was a long, mostly for the kids, drive down to the rink. We're talking 3+ hours. Most of which we kept busy with listening to a book, gawking at landmarks, & keeping an eye out for the bus that the rest of the group was riding on. We opted to drive ourselves down, because while the offer of riding on the bus sounded grand I kinda thought the reality might be considerably different.

The boys had a blast on the ice, & Morgan was doing incredibly well by the time we left. Jayden's missing from the picture because he's the one who took it. I don't suggest staring at the photo too long or you might go cross-eyed. Mr S was with us & was brave enough to skate too. He was having nightmares of the last, & only time, he ice skated which ended in disaster.

I have to confess, though, that the ice was in rough shape! Except for the times the ice on the creek melted & then refroze I'm pretty sure our creek was considerably smoother then that ice was! There were even a few potholes which caused quite a few slips, spills, & falls. Everyone had a grand time though, & when I mentioned the condition of the ice Mr S said, "Well of course it's not in good condition, we're Australian, we're not use to ice!"

The only thing funnier was when we were done & handed in our skates I ran to use the toilet & forgot I didn't have skates on anymore. I nearly tripped into the bathroom in my attempt to glide on skates. It was well worth a few laughs, all though the poor Mum I fell into might not have found it quite as funny.

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