Thursday, December 20, 2012


I was looking through my art board on Pinterest & showed the boys a few art projects I thought they might enjoy & that were relatively simple. Morgan fell in love with several & wanted to begin right away,  Jayden was suffering from a bad day & opted out.

Morgan worked on one entitled Warm & Cold Colors over on Craft Junkie which was inspired by Kathy Barbos Art Projects For Kids Blog. Kathy has some fantastic ideas, some of which we've had a blast trying before & many of which I have planned to try at some point. Thanks to the quick & simple template available this project is super easy to do.

I showed Morgan the variety of ways others had done the same one & the mediums they'd chosen to get the effects they had. We have each one of those mediums that he could choose to use, but he went with the oil crayons. I'm glad, they have such a beautiful & vivid colour to them. I think we picked them up at Birchalls a few years ago & they are still going strong.

We ended up putting the finished project in a black frame & he's wrapped it up to give to a cousin. He has a few more art projects planned to work on to give to others.  I have to confess I'm kinda jealous others are getting his awesome artwork because he really does an amazing talent for it. I hope they enjoy it as much as we enjoy watching him work on it!

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