Monday, December 3, 2012

Final, 2012, Week In Review

I'm combining our last two weeks of school into one nifty post, simply because we don't have many photos of either week, but it's been fun to keep track of our progress throughout the year.

We're officially done with school, all though we have a couple of books we're in the middle of that we'll finish reading &/or listening to this week. We also have two homeschool events to attend, which we're super excited about.

We're hoping to have a little end of year party on Friday evening completely with certificates of completion for the boys & a campout in the backyard. We'll see what happens as our Friday is looking pretty full too!

It's been a wild ride this year, but a really rewarding school year too. Both boys have completed a lot of work, but more importantly grown as individuals which is always so rewarding to see.

The boys finished off the last of their notebooking projects for the year. The ones above are all about World War II, but they each also wrote a small report on the Cold War. Their timeline notebooks are full to bursting, which has them pleased as punch to say the least.

Another WWII project they finished but still needed to paste in their notebook. This project reminded me of all the yellow ribbons that were up during Desert Storm. The boys wanted to know if Gram had a blue star in the window while Uncle D was deployed, we always end up having interesting conversations from small projects.

We finished up our WWII Battle Maps. These were very fiddly, but the boys really enjoyed the finished project. They coloured a base map, coloured another map that was cut out & then glued to a plastic overlay, & then they cut out battle markers {arrows} that they glued down to another overlay. Now when they hear battles mentioned they just run & check their maps.

Majorly exciting day was when Morgan's glasses showed up! There was quite a bit of excitement as we raced off to collect our package. He's still struggling with the concept that he must wear them, & often, for them to be of help. He was complaining that he couldn't read his Bible well, I told him to put the glasses on. He was out when he complained of one of his eyes hurting & he lamented he didn't bring his glasses. One thing we learned was that some children will learn to "turn off" one eye in their effort to over compensate with the sight issue. We're now wondering if the eye that aches when he doesn't wear the glasses, is aching because it's the one he was "turning off". Either way, his confidence was boosted hugely when he wore them to a recent park day & all the adults & children told him they thought his new glasses were super cool.

We had company in town too, & we showed them how to play Ticket To Ride, a huge family favourite. This game, in board of electronic form, is played daily in this house. Our company, a completely different Uncle D then the one we normally mention, not only enjoyed the game but the nifty Paleo Brownies we served to eat while we played. Thus the plates in the background of the picture.

That pretty much wraps up our past couple of weeks. We've also got our Jesse Tree up, which the boys squeal with delight about each year. They recently had a fight about, when they are grown up, who will take it with them. The only outcome they came away with was that whomever took the Jesse Tree didn't get the party cloth. I completely ruined their day when I informed them if they wanted to use the Jesse Tree & Party Cloth they had to come back home. I'm cruel, what can I say! 

We're so ready for our summer! Warm day, lots of beach time, & plenty of good books to read. Divine.

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