Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chocolate Knife?!

We took the boys into the city this past weekend for a bit of Christmas shopping. We had a great time walking around & peeking in ship windows to see all their displays, listening to the buskers playing a variety of songs. We ran into one lady who was so overcome with excitement she couldn't stop telling us how excited she was, it was really quite funny!

While there we popped into the sweet shop, one store we don't usually visit. While gawking at the jars of candy & the other treats on display Mr S walked up to me with a chocolate Swiss Army Knife. I was absolutely blown away by it!  From a bit farther back you didn't even notice the wrinkles on the packaging & when he held it up I thought he was indicating that Morgan's knife had fallen off again. It wasn't until I got closer I realised it was actual chocolate.

The packing was well done! I nearly bought a couple so we could see what the mold they chocolate had been poured in looked like, but we managed to walk out of the shop without a single one in our possession. Which leaves us wondering exactly what the chocolate inside the wrapper looks like!

Of course, after a quick google search, it turns out the insides are just as realistic. Some of them are even sold in fancy boxes like the swiss army knives come in!

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