Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Lists, kits, & more

I slapped the kids book bag kits together yesterday afternoon for the reading challenge. As I mentioned before I used the bags that we'd gotten for free at the book shop a few months ago, I also stuck in some pins/buttons they included with the bags. If I was really talented & had the supplies I'd have remade the buttons so that they were made to say something about the little challenge.

I printed out one of the little reading logs I shared yesterday, some bookmarks I made. They use it to keep track of time spent reading. They actually have bookmarks that keep track of that, you can use them as a stopwatch or a timer, but Morgan's batteries are flat. I really don't want them reading for time as much for enjoyment anyway.

I also tucked some books in the bags to help get the ideas flowing of books they could read. These were ones I pulled off the shelves that I knew would interest them. Jayden, for instance, is into all things zoological related & war related. Finding books for those interests was really easy, especially when I realised I'd forgotten one of our WW2 books this year! Morgan is into all kinds of history, anything involving inventions or experimenting, & lots of make believe type stories.

I didn't end up making up anything fancy for the bookworms, because as it turned out the kids ate the worms & left the frogs in the cupboard. I wasn't quick witted enough to come up with something flashy involving books & frogs so I just threw them in snack baggies & chucked them in the bag.

We then read the rules & prizes out to them which caused a lot of cheering & squealing around here. We had to wait a full three minutes for Jayden to quit screaming with joy over the idea of getting a trip to the lollie shop, I had to remind him he still had to shop in the sugar-free section which brought an abrupt halt to his partying.

Then I shared a list of books I'd created for each of them. I put 20 books on each list & we read the synopsis of each book. They have some of the same books on their lists, & then they each have a few their own all based on ability & likes. They both made grand plans in regards to which books they wanted to read first & other such funny things, but then when we ran to town in the evening Morgan brought his pocket money & picked up another Enid Blyton book & spent a half hour reading it.

Just to make sure they don't forget their own objectives in regards to the prizes they are aiming for, I hung a copy of the goals/prizes chart on our tv stand. You know, right next to the Wii, which they never have free reign over, but seem to ask to use an awful lot.

You can snag the Puffle bookmarks here if you're interested. If your kids are hard on bookmarks I'd suggest printing on cardstock. I also made a pdf copy of the rules so that the boys could see those to refer back to in regards to genre of books to pick. I edited them slightly that even after reading all the required books they could still only count 4 comic books & 8 picture books to their lists. I know that picture books have plenty of value, & I also know there are some much longer picture books out there. However, the purpose of this challenge is to encourage them to break out of their comfort zone just a little bit. You can snag the rules here if you want.

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