Friday, December 7, 2012

Art Curriculum Review

I mentioned a few months ago that we were blessed with some fantastic art curriculum in exchange for a review. It's normally the kind of thing I accept for a variety of reasons, but on occasion I do. This happened to be one of those occasions, & my family was delighted I did. If you're interested in knowing more about this curriculum, or what we thought of it, you can check out our review over here.

And while I'm speaking of reviews.. To the variety of people who keep begging to do guest posts on my blog, I'm sorry that's not something I do. Our blog is the place I choose to journal the comings & goings of our life. Our home educational triumphs & failures, the outings we take, & the funny moments around our home. Thus it is a personal space that we choose to keep "open" for friends & family around the world. While it is true that many strangers we don't know have found our blog & seem to enjoy reading it, we aren't interested in offering this small space for random people we don't know to leave guest posts on our blog encouraging people to go buy a product that isn't even available in the county we live in.

Please stop sending me review opportunities if you aren't willing to ship to Australia. Don't ask me to review your company or product if you aren't willing to ship to me in Australia or my family, friends, & readers who happen to live abroad as well. If you haven't quite figured it out from the name of our blog, we don't exactly live in America.

I'm sorry, but I simply won't review something I can't see, touch, or use. If you can't ship internationally or only want me to reach a small percentage of people it's just not gonna happen. Be happy. Smile, & all that good fun loving stuff.

Which means, in case I haven't stated it yet, that as a general rule of thumb I don't review products that can't be accessed by the people who live in the same country I do. Yeah, cause there's nothing more annoying then reading about something that sounds like a wonderful fit for your family only to discover it's inaccessible where you live.

As for the curriculum above, they DO ship overseas, & it's worth it!

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