Monday, December 17, 2012

Accidents Happen

Map making around here is pretty common. Morgan maps with a more realist view point, but Jayden prefers to make war maps. Ones with troops all over where he can put play figures on it & push & sweep them to explain what's happening in the battle. In fact, he wanted to know if we'd get him maps for Christmas just for this purpose.

Last week he made one such map & wanted to know how he could age it. Morgan suggested he crumple it up in a ball to make it wrinkly. I suggested he burry it in the garden to get it dirty. He did both, but wasn't pleased with the results. It needed to look older. I offered to burn the edges for him with a candle. He was really excited.

So after I burned around one edge he wanted me to burn the middle. I told him that it could result in no map. He didn't care. So we had a nice aged look happening when he asked me to try it on another part, which we did. Only, Morgan called out & I looked up until Jayden screamed, "it's on fire!!!" We had a small hole in the map, but in the amount of time it took me to put it out we had a huge hole. I was mortified because I hadn't suggested he run a copy off before we began our experiment.

Jayden, however, didn't care. "Awesome! Now the enemies will never steal our real plans!" Yeah, not exactly sure who the enemy was, but I eventually found the crazy thing wrapped around a water bottle. When i attempted to remove it I was informed that I was messing with official business & the General would not be happy about this.  Pretty sure our history studies went right to his brain this year, I think we call that success.


Erin D said...

I love it! That sounds very much like something that would happen at my house.....secret battle plans so secret that even the planners can't figure them out. :)

Phyllis said...

Your Jayden sounds just like my Quentin!