Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Night Out

A couple of weeks ago Mr S got to join a friend to see the new James Bond film, I'm not a huge Bond fan to be honest so it was a real treat for Mr S to join a guy to go see this movie. The boys wanted to know what we'd do instead. Personally, I was all for popping a bowl of popcorn & watching one of the many chic flicks that are sitting on my shelf completely unopened, but the boys weren't about to go for that. I suggested a Christmas movie & popcorn, but then the boys reminded me the popcorn maker was broken. Which reminded me I'd thrown it away ages ago.

Jayden then informed me that Kmart had popcorn poppers in their advert for $12 so I suggested we go get one & then come home & watch a movie. Okay, so I really tried to convince them to watch a Princess movie with me because I had Tangled & Brave on the shelf too. Jayden adamantly disagreed with that idea, his idea was to go to Subway. I guess even the popcorn wasn't going to lure him in on my idea.

We took Jayde's idea & went with it... after we picked up a new popcorn popper. The weather was beautiful so we walked down to the water's edge & watched the ferries do their thing while we ate. We checked the rocks for any of the red alge they were getting in Sydney, but all we found was the green slippery kind.

By the time we got home they decided they didn't want popcorn, or a princess movie. We watched something else, all though it completely slips my mind as to what exactly that was. It wasn't until the following morning that Jayden realised he'd never gotten a single bite of popcorn. He greeted us with, "By the way Mom you never made popcorn! Can we have some for breakfast?"

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