Sunday, December 9, 2012

2013 Summer Reading Programme

This summer I decided I wanted the boys to participate in a reading challenge. Our library offers some kind of reading programme, but if often starts at the very beginning of December with little public notice. Considering we are in there weekly & they don't widely advertise it until school is out it always drives me batty.

This year, I thought I'd create my own reading challenge for the guys. Something to keep them reading through the summer, encourage them to expand their tastes with reading, & with a little bit of a reward at the end of each week.

Thus our 2013 Summer Reading Challenge was born. I made notes about it throughout the past few months in my notebook & finally sat down & finalised all our plans. I based this on how many weeks we'll have off over the course of this summer. 3 weeks in December & 5 weeks in January. We start back the first week of February so no real time there. From there I decided what was a reasonable amount of time & book for my kids to read.

However, my boys are really caught in a cycle of reading comic books. Don't get me wrong, they have their place & value if they encourage the kids to read, but I'd like them to expand their horizon now. Morgan really fell on these books & never moved past them before we got a firm diagnoses for him. Understanding that he could only focus on one word at a time explains why comic books were fun & reasonably easy for him to read.

Our basic plan is in the image above, you can click on it for a large picture of a pdf copy of what we're doing if you'd like to challenge yourselves as well. If you're looking for a few more details here's what we've got planned:

1. We officially start on Monday, December 10th. Mr S & I will discuss the rules with the kids Sunday evening before bed & present them with their starter kits.

2. The Starter Kits is a really fancy way for saying I rounded up some items from around the house to encourage them. Each kit will include: 1 book bag {when I purchased some classics earlier this year at my local book shop they gave me two beautiful book bags which I'll share photos of later}, 3 book marks {They'll each have their timer bookmark to help them keep track of time, ones I'll print off where they can keep track of the pages they read, & the third is a duplicate of the first I mentioned for when they use it up.}, 1 certificate to snag a book from {we have an account there so I have some credits that I'd like to let them use if they want to snag a book each to help get them going}, & a reading log so they can keep track of what they are doing. I'm also putting a stash of bookworms in their bag.

3. We'll look at their reading logs on Saturday & deal with prizes then, this will be especially helpful for the week 7 price, because this will mean a trip to the honey factory where they can get double dipper cones made without sugar.

4. We're offering a Grand Prize to both of them as well as the Super Grand Prize. This way, even if they don't reach the weekly goals it won't matter, they can still claim the grand prize. All though, the way I devised each weekly plan was that they should be able to accomplish the task by reading for 1 hour 6x a week, except in the final week where they'll need to make up 2 extra hours. I'm not sure that will be a big issue for some of the larger audio books Morgan has planned to listen to. We can purchase actual Amazon gift cards at our local supermarket, so we'll either pick them up there or just allow them to pick out what they want & go from there.

5. Grand Prize & Super Grand Prize, should they obtain them, will be given out at our Finale Party.

6. The Finale Party will happen the final weekend of our Reading Challenge. The boys will have until then to reach their goals. {I have this image of one of them reading like mad in an effort to snag that Super Grand Prize right up until the minute our party starts.} At the party they will also receive certificates for participation as well as for the amount of hours or books read. Each party goer will be asked to dress up as their favourite book character & then share about their favourite book, preferably one they read during the course of the challenge but knowing Morgan he'll dress up like The Ginger Bread Boy which is his all time favourite books most time.

7. There are a few finer details about the book choices they can make.. In an effort to keep them from limiting themselves to picture books & comic books the following guidelines have been put in place: Each participant must read 5 Audio books or 10 hours; 2 chapter books or 300 pages; 4 picture books; 2 comic books; 1 non-fiction book.  To help them even more: Read one book you started but never finished. Choose a book from a new series to try out. Pick a book you've always wanted to read, but never got to, this is especially helpful when picking audio books because they are not limited to ability when one only needs to understand what's being read to them. Ask Mom for a list of books you might enjoy & pick a few from there. {I've actually been jotting down, like crazy, books I think each of them would enjoy.}

8. Once all books in the above categories have been met they are free to choose what they'd like. The idea being this will keep them from choosing all picture or comic books & still help them meet their goal in order to cash in on the Grand Prize.


Reading Logs
Book Log For Littles
Rewards With Matching Bookmarks
I'll share the book suggestions for the kids later.

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Catherine said...

This is such a fantastic idea!!

I don't like how we hear about the Summer Reading Club so late here, also. The rewards aren't that great .. so what you've created is just SUPER!

I hope it goes well for your children. :)