Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

This weekend we were discussing all the things we did in 2012, only there was a lot of silence. As in, no one could think of anything that we did. It's been an emotionally draining & challenging year, but when we stopped to reflect back on all that had happened or been done there was laughter & smiles as we discussed our year:


We made our annual trip to Baker's Beach with cousins, Aunties & Uncles. We live for this trip & look forward to it every year. There's laughter, friendly competitions, & a lot of insanity. We had a wallaby fight outside our tent at 2am which I had to break up by whacking wallabies, something I don't generally recommend. I scared an elderly man when I chased a naughty possum off our tent & halfway across the camping area. We woke up to find out hot cocoa pot, which we thought had been put up, licked clean by wildlife. Nearly came home with a mouse in our tent. Rushed home with Mr S so we could take him straight to the ER. He had a badly sprained ankle after falling off a dune & a nifty caterpillar sting to match.

Our annual Australia Day Party. Nothing fancy, a game of croquete in the back yard. Family. Flag. Sparklers. An occasional trip to the beach. Morgan made a giant cookie ice cream cake which was the hit of the party, & have been requested frequently ever since.


Morgan turned 11 & Mr S & I stood there wondering where on earth the time had gone. Only two more years until he's officially a teenager, & Morgan can't wait. He's still thin & gangly like he's always been. Short for his age. Full of curiosity & a deep desire to know & understand everything. He's full of compassion & can't understand how anyone can be mean to another person, unless maybe it's him trying to deal with a pesky little brother.

We had an early morning delivery on the 10th as well. A trash can. The final {maybe} saying in a long running family joke where my children once offered our eldest niece's friends all their trash. Out of context it seems incredibly insane, but the teens had all offered our children chocolates, & our children unsure what to do with the trash offered it right back. The sign that came with the trash can still makes us laugh, daily, because it's hanging on Morgan's bedroom door!


A Leprechaun ran wild in our home. We don't normally do much of anything for St Patrick's Day, but I decided to shock my children by tearing up the house before I went to bed. Grafitting some family photos with a dry erase marker, & tinting lots of food green. They woke up in complete shock, one they broke through the rainbow I hung on their door. They demanded to know why Daddy & Mommy had such a messy party.

Mr S bought me an iPhone. My old mobile phone was causing him much grief in the fact that I never had a signal & we had to call & ask for it to be reset a few times too many. I received a phone call on the way home from an outing telling me to run by the Mac Shop & pick one up. My children were in total awe.


Mr S turned 4-0. We had a fantastic Murder Mystery party where my sister-in-law made a stunning performance at dying. Our neighbors trekked four houses up dressed so funnily all the children playing in the street ran home. For the first, & most likely last time in my life, I wore a mini skirt & black eye shadow. The clown did it, & fooled us all. We had such an amazingly wonderful time the boys want to have Mystery birthday parties.

I was diagnosed with a plethora of food & environmental allergies/intolerance's. Some of which we knew & some of which came as a real shocker. My children cried, but brightened when I told them if I couldn't have milk I guess someone could eat my portion of the ice cream hence forth. We've learned to navigate the road reasonably well, all though I still miss pizza. It's a small sacrifice to give up for feeling good & being migraine free the majority of the time.


We started our new school Curriculum & fell madly in love with it. My boys enjoyed every minute of it, all though there were a lot of sniffles & quietness at the end of one of our books this year. It was a weird time to start with a new curriculum, but we're so glad we did! Crazily enough my children are now history crazy, & Jayden can tell which world war is which simply by looking at helmets, guns, & planes.

Mr S cashed in his 40th birthday present from Nana & we went on a lovely afternoon cruise up the Tamar River. We saw some amazing things, learned an incredible amount of local history, & got to watch a camera running under the boat where we hoped to spot a seal but only saw fish. We spent the whole weekend in the City & saw a reproduction of the plane from the book The Glorious Flight & screamed our hearts out at the footy match.


Jayden turned 9. It wasn't that long ago that he was all of 2 & just letting people besides me hold him. He was 2.5 before our neighbor saw him without a dummy/pacifier in his mouth. Now he's a rather outgoing little boy who lives for all things manly. He simply can not get enough of all things military.

We said good-bye to Poppy as he went home. We cried, we laughed, & we talked long into the night. In fact we still do all of these things. Our world was turned upside down & not a day goes by that we don't miss him.


Morgan tackled long division, a concept he wavered on for a while. He's incredibly mathy & was determined to figure it out. We celebrated his new accomplishment & he relished every single minute of it.

The boys crawled through intestines as we reconnected with our local home education group. Our trip to the science museum is still chatted about all these months later. Of course they most especially remember Morgan getting to help make poo & the ability to read incredibly funny, but true, facts on the back of toilet seats.


We gave Nana a surprise party when, after falling sick & landing in hospital, she was at our house for her birthday. The boys were insistent that we lay out the party cloth & everything. We love celebrating birthdays & this was no different.

Our old Blue Beast of a car gave up the ghost on us. Not before causing us to call RACT to come help us get home after conking out on a back road. Or missing the book exchange with our local home ed group, or causing us to walk all the way into town & back again. It served us well.


We got the new Purple People Eater of a car which causes lots of laughs & people comment on how it's an old Cadbury car. True, it is. We love it. It serves us well & we are incredibly grateful for the opportunities & doors God opened to provide us with what we needed in such an incredibly short time.

We cried our eyes out over a devastating Footy loss as the Hawkers lost in the Grand Final. There was breath holding, cheering, & screams as we watched an amazing footy match. Maybe next year boys, maybe next year..


We went to America after keeping our arrival secret for 3 months. The hardest secret we've ever had to keep. The boys dreamed of strolling up & pretending to be pizza men. We arrived too late to pick up pizza on the way. We also didn't make a totally surprised entrance thanks to the interior light in the car coming on & staying on long enough for our identity to be revealed before we knocked on the door. We had a wonderful time & can't wait to go back & visit again.. hopefully for a pinch longer next time.

We made our first trip to Hobart as Morgan had his first test for Irlens. The journey there was nothing compared to the journey Morgan's been on to see help. So many emotions wrapped up in that trip, but we'd make it again 1000x over if we had to.


I turned 35, & had to do the math to figure out how old I was. My children laughed, my husband thought I was putting him on. Truthfully since falling pregnant with our first child I've not been able to remember how old I am. When the Dr asked me at my 6 month appointment I told him I had no idea, he & Mr S sat there doing the math to figure it out.

We had our Home Ed review with the home monitor who fell in love with our books, our home, our learning area, & our children's art. While I don't enjoy these home visits because I worry too much, they are always pleasant & rewarding. We passed with flying colours.


The boys went ice skating for the first time & fell in love with it. They beg me to tell them all about how I use to go ice skating in the back yard on our creek in NY state. They can't wait to go back, all though Jayden's really hoping next time he doesn't fall & get freezer burn on his arm.

We officially wrapped up school for the year. We weren't sure we were going to make it at times, but we did. What an amazing accomplishment it was, what a wonderful school year we had. We're looking forward to starting next year.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

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7200It sounds like an amazing year. I hope the new Year brings you much happiness.
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