Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week In Review

This picture is a grand representation of our week. It was a busy wild week, & the boys accomplished a great deal. I looked up at one point during the week & saw what the table looked like & after a good chuckle I went ahead & snapped a photo.

The boys are dutifully working on some WW II notebooking pages in the photo. I was reading aloud to them while they were working, all though sometimes we listen to an audio book selection while they work on those. It just depends on the day.

This week we were listening to a bit of Gone-Away Lake. Sometimes I read, sometimes we just listened. The boys have really enjoyed the story.

We're nearly done with our Grapevine Bible. Last year we did the New Testament, & this year we moved to Old Testament. The OT is more of an overview, so while it's been nice & the boys have enjoyed it I'm a little disappointed that some of the people/stories don't go a bit more in depth. The boys have enjoyed the study & it gives us the opportunity to go back & go a bit deeper.

Both boys plodded away at math.  Jayden isn't as far along with his book as I'd normally have him, but that's okay. Slow & steady is good. He was a little annoyed with the excess review he was having this week so we moved ahead until we found something he wasn't certain with. Really, it was review too & I think he just had brain fog when given the lesson, but that's okay too. Morgan tackled a variety of things this week from triple digit multiplication to division with mixed number answers.

Jayden's spelling has French Dictation in it which he really enjoys. French Dictation has some of the words in the passage written & as you read it out the child fills in the missing words & punctuation. This week he wasn't feeling the love, but he had a bit of a rough week in those regards so we worked our way through it anyway. Morgan only had two spelling lessons this week as we had a slight mix-up with it last week. No biggie, it all works out.

The bounty of their notebooking efforts this week. They worked on a variety of WWII soldier uniforms, they really loved this one. Especially Jayden. They also worked on some papers that soldiers would have been given when they enlisted during that time. The small paper is about POW camps. The basket is full of a variety of things that were done on the homefront in an effort to help the war.

One of the things we covered in The Word Spy this week was Pig Latin. From the very first word I read aloud Morgan was smitten. Everywhere we went this week we found things written in Pig Latin from him. When I asked him to get his spelling things ready while I went over a few things with Jayden I turned around to find the message in the photo on our white board. If you're not able to read Pig Latin it says, "Let's do spellwell Mom, Okay." I should probably inform him that his spelling curriculum is actually called Sequential Spelling, huh? There's still a note in sidewalk chalk outside our front door written in Pig Latin!

We did the drawing from last week's art lesson. Turns out, our school room clock is off by oh, I dunno, about fifteen minutes. So last Friday when Mr S informed us he'd be having lunch in 13 minutes we thought he was loopy. Until we walked out of the school area & I caught sight of the lounge room clock. There was a flurry of shoes, sweaters, & keys as we made a dash out the door. So this week we sat down to do the drawing section of our lesson. We were about three quarters of the way through when we realised that not only was the clock still behind {yes we'd attempted to adjust it, clearly we need a battery replacement} we were suppose to all ready be at the bank to collect Nana! It was another mad dash out the door.

When we got back home some of us finished up our drawings. Jayden's {only one of his spears is showing on the far right} added a nifty, Super huge Best Ever Huntsman Spider, to his drawing. Morgan didn't quite finish his as he was having pencil issues, as in it wouldn't stop breaking on him, poor fellow. Mind is on the bottom completed. My hammer was a bit more round then the original  I liked Morgan's hammer much better. All in all it was a fun lesson. Maybe next week we'll actually finish an art lesson without drama!


Phyllis said...

What a great week! I love the pig latin idea and I love, love the drawings of the weapons! Your weekly wrap-ups are always so fun!

Nancy said...

I really enjoy your wrap ups. You guys do such great things!!

I really have got to consider the Time Travelers stuff!!