Monday, November 5, 2012

Week In Review

Is it just me or when the end of the year is in sight, does it just seem to fly by? Another week behind us as we creep ever closer towards summer!

We made our way through a few more great books this week. We're back in the World Wars book this week as we start reading about WW II. We're also reading Ultra Hush-Hush which is about Espionage during WW II. The stories we've read thus far are nothing short of amazing!

We read about one man who had at least 22 fictional  contacts who were all helping him gather information. He, himself, was actually a double agent working for the British. His job was so well done that even after the dust settled the German's still thought he was working for them & not the British. He received the Iron Cross from the Germans & the Double Cross from the British! It's a fantastic read for sure.

We finished A Letter To Mrs Roosevelt, if you read the book be sure to read the Author's note! It just makes the book even that much more better. We've started Gone-Away Lake, & will be continuing it through the coming week. It would make a fantastic summer read, especially if you have children who love to go exploring.

Morgan attended to some serious math this week covering two lessons every day. We're at a point in his math book where he seems to know what every other lesson is. For instance, one day he covered measuring circles & perimeter, which he all ready knew & double digit multiplication. The later was newer for him as we spent so much time concentrating on single digit multiplication & long division. He was most put out, though, that the day they covered graphs, he all ready knew that information, that there were no practice problems in the following lessons. So we made a few up so he could have his fun graphing stuff, thus the white board behind him when I had him do a line graph.

I've had Jayden using his math book that goes along with the Teaching Textbook programme. There are many problems that need to be worked out before they can be answered & I find that using the book is best for this. It also relieved plenty of stress for him because he has the bad habit of drumming on the keyboard while he's working out math problems of thinking & the nifty overly sensitive magic track pad on the MacBook he was using kept selecting answers he didn't actually want selected. Can ou see the moustache on his pencil? Yeah, there was a knock-down drag out here this week over which mechanical {clutch} pencil was whose. I felt like the Mom in The Incredibles when she stretches herself to grab two kids. Only, I grabbed the pencils, gave out an evil laugh & said, "Now sit down & knock it off or I'll throw them away!" Cause I'm evil like that.

We start our days with Morgan's Jesus Calling devotional & our Hymn of the month: Amazing Grace as well as prayer time. The hymnal is one of the items we picked up in America, it was that or steal Mom's hymnal right off the piano. I was pretty certain she'd notice it's absence. One day I'll obtain a proper hymnal, but for now this little book covers what I'm after. I really love the devotional, It has a verse that you can look up or read the version all ready printed in the book, read a small devotional, & then read a couple more verses if ou wish to dig deeper. The boys enjoy taking turns helping read & look up the verses.

They made both of these notebooking pages this week. One is about the 4 dictators that were on the Axis side of WWII. The other is a timeline of Hitler's rise to power. I thought the staircase on that one was pretty clever. Both of these lined up really well with what we were reading in the World Wars book, but we are using the HSITW WWII cd. I've lined up the lessons with the World Wars book, all though most if it is pretty straight forward.

We're still reading, slowly, through The Word Spy. Oh how we love this book! The boys spend a good deal of time laughing while I'm reading it, & while I've considered making up matching notebooking pages for it I haven't. Their retention is pretty high because they never hesitate to discuss the days reading with Mr S when he gets in. This week we covered Oxymorons as well as a few other things, but it's the Oxymorons that stuck out the most to them. So much so they brought out the book to share the funny store above with Mr S over dinner one night.

Our science is the one area I feel really behind on this year, but that's because we switched programmes deep in the year. Normally I wouldn't do that, but Im' really glad I did this year. The boys are really enjoying what we're doing now & I enjoy that it's actually getting done. We read about the invention of Chocolate this week & were astonished to realise the brand that was first invented was for sale this week at our local grocery store. We also learned about the history of parachutes this week, did you know they weren't always round? There was some reading & chatter about electricity too & a few experiments to boot!

Getting back into a routine since our overseas trip has not been without it's issues. We've had a few grumpy bears around here which as caused a lot of humps, bumps, & hiccups during our school time. One day this week was so miserable for everyone we had a long chat with our offenders & showed them when they should really be doing their work & how quickly in the day they'd be done if they stopped trying to take so many breaks. The idea being they'd be done by 1. This reminded them each of a couple of things they've been wanting to do, like watch Old Yeller. Needless to say they were ready for their 9 am start the following morning & done by 130. So we drank Tart Cherry Juice {it had to do without reading in Gone-Away Lake & was very delicious I might add}, & watched Old yeller. Morgan was a bit annoyed that we were watching the movie as we've all ready read the book & he wasn't up for, "watching a depressing movie!" So when the scene comes at the end where Old Yeller meets his end I shouted out, "CUT!!! That's a wrap fellows." He busted up laughing.

We also started an amazingly fun art book this week. We were suppose to start last week, but due to those grumpy bear attitudes & far longer days then we should have had it didn't happen. There was a wee bit of grumbling in the ranks until I started reading. Seriously, if you read these books you have to read them the same way I'm always saying you have to read The Word Spy. They just beg to be read that way. It's really a lot of fun! {We'll be giving a full review on this programme next month.} We also pulled out our pencils & paper to draw some prehistoric tools, & managed to pick out the flaws in the forgeries.

We also had another library trip, a day at the park where my boys entertained the masses teaching them how to play Sleeping Queens & . All in all, not a bad week!

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