Sunday, November 4, 2012

Warm Weather

In the warmer months we hardly ever use our dining room because we're usually sitting outside on the patio eating. With the warmer spring weather now here we're back out on the patio again. We had our first official dinner out there last week. There was much excitement, as normal, over the whole thing.

Our dinners out there often receive their own private concerts from the young man next door who practices his saxophone at the same time we seem to eat dinner. We don't mind, he's good enough that he even makes his warm up scales sound nice. The kids especially don't mind because, "Those are the best neighbors, they always send our balls back when we accidentally whack them over the fence!" Ahh, the downside to having a 6' fence around your entire yard.

Sometimes we're serenaded by the crazy yellow cheeked Cockatoos that are out there too, but I have to confess their serenading is more like a warning to stay under the roof incase they opt to fly over head with pinecones in their mouths. Thankfully they are noisy enough you're warned well enough in advanced.

Our little patio seems to get an awful lot of use between meals & schooling or playing & feeding pets. Last year we strung up some Christmas lights out there so the boys love to sit out there when it's dusk enjoying the Christmas lights. Yes, we left them up, we usually have a string of Christmas lights up somewhere.

When we lived in the US in the city in a small apartment I decked the house out for Christmas one year. This including putting lights in the windows & around the door frame. When Christmas was over I took everything down but the strand around the door. Mr S insisted I leave the strand around the door up & turned on the night he nearly walked into someone else's apartment. Since then it's been a bit of tradition to have a strand of lights up all year round somewhere in the house. When the boys were littler it use to be in their room as a night light. Now it's the patio.

Here's hoping the warm weather stays a while this time, because after our first night out there it went cold, windy, & wet driving us back into the house. It does the same thing every time I stuff the warmer jammies to the back of the closet too. One year I'll trick it, just not this one.

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