Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet Nala

Before I was married this sweet dog found her way into my home. She was one of those hard luck cases. A sweet dog that was being bumped from home to home until she landed at the local humane society. When Morgan was born Nala was very unsure about him. She'd been bumped from her last home due to a new baby being brought in.

She was so funny keeping her distance from him. One day she made the mistake of standing near his swing while he was in it, & he leaned over & pulled on her tail. She gave a growl & backed away. We told baby & dog off, & from that moment forward they were best of pals.

Jayden didn't really remember Nala because when we moved to our itty bitty apartment we weren't allowed to take her with us. She went to Mom's where she was spoiled rotten & has stayed every since. Jayden was really excited to see her, but when he first laid eyes on her he just stood there & said, "She doesn't look familiar at all!"

Our current dog, Buster, is short & stocky where as Nala is tall & thin. Buster is young & full of life, & Nala is old & stiff. She's a very old pup these days & it shows in everything she does, but she's still incredibly sweet. So much so that when Jayden offered her a pair of glasses she didn't flinch. She just laid there. Mind you, the poor thing is nearly completely blind, but she still didn't care. I couldn't resist snapping her photo.

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Nancy said...

That is so sweet!!