Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shorter Hair

I had this wild idea that I'd hack off my hair for my birthday. Every now & again the whim hits me to not just trim my hair but really take it all off. This was just one of those absurd whims that I had. Only, my Friday was looking really full, so I ended up doing it at about 10pm on Thursday. I told you it was a whim! My hair was flipped on both sides, but hey life happens, wind abounds when you live on the coast, & all the other excuses you can think of that will fit.

It's odd not to grab something to pull my hair back, so I picked up a hat to keep the wind from totally killing my hair, most of the time. I use to have a nifty hat similar to what I purchased, but I once let the boys use it for their snowman when we lived in the US. The two uni students living next door who were normally very placid & calm people had a good-bye party when the fellow was offered an amazing job elsewhere. Somehow, after a few drinks, & many more sleepless hours the friends found destroying the snowman & wearing the hat home fun. It seems annoying, but seriously it didn't bug me too much.

I have to say, with hair this short it only takes a matter of minutes to wash & dry it compared to normal. In the cooler months if I don't dry my hair I can go to bed with it still wet. Then again that's because it's normally piled up on top of my head. It's most certainly interesting having shorter hair!


Nancy said...

oooo I love it!!

Happy Birthday

Multi-tasking Mama said...

SNAP, I did the same thing about a week ago and ours are of similar length now. Yours looks lovely, I realised much to my dismay last night that mine looks a bit like Camilla Parker Bowles ... lol

Tracey said...

Kendra, it looks great! I have to keep my hair long. I cannot wear short hair. It makes my face look as big as the moon. I have long hair but it is always pulled back. I wish I could have short hair. I also noticed that I have always commented on how much your boys look like Mr. S but I have to change that now. They look a lot like you!