Monday, November 19, 2012

Remote Control

A few weeks ago, after we got done with our local Home Ed group, I told the boys I needed to run into the grocery store. The boys aimlessly wandered the isles with me when Jayden came running up & said, "Mom check this out!" Turns out, that giant remote control is actually a birthday card. He was so impressed with it he wanted to buy it & take it home for Daddy. Then he remembered Daddy all ready had his birthday this year & decided a picture would suffice.

Don't ask me what's up with the look on his face. That's the look I generally get when I say things like, "Did you pick your clothes up off the floor?" or "Did you actually put the dog food away or did you just leave it on the floor by the door?" That look is a dead give-away that he'd like me to think he's shocked by the question because he'd never ever do what I'm asking. Ahh, but I can see right through it. He no longer believes I have eyes in the back of my head. He peeked, you see, but he's still in awe that I know what he's thinking, just wait until he realises it's because he laughs so much.

You probably can't see it very well, but do you love his sweater?! There's a story behind that sweater, you knew that right? There's a story behind everything in this household! When Morgan was born my mother-in-law sent us a hand knitted sweater with matching mittens. While Morgan never wore the mittens {Sorry Nana, he just refused to keep them on!} he loved his little sweater & so did I. He was such a small little thing that he could wear that sweater way beyond what he should have been able to, & when he outgrew it he told Nana on the phone that his "green sweater you made not fit anymore!" He was most put out.

Luckily for Morgan Nana was coming to the US for a visit & she brought him a new one, in the same color, but several sizes bigger. Morgan was so pleased & wore that until he was 4 or 5. Upon receiving his new sweater he gave the old one to Jayden who was all of 3 months old. Well, let's just say that Jayden grew at a fantastically quicker rate then Morgan did & soon after his sweater did not fit him. He was 2 & rather put out that Morgan had a sweater made by Nana but he did not. After all he had a blanket made by Gram just like Morgan, so why shouldn't he have a sweater made by Nana?

Daddy lodged the complaint for him & Nana happened to have a pattern for a nifty Thomas Train sweater! Just in time for Jayden's birthday, I think, it arrived. Jayden was born in the US summertime & boy was it hot outside, but I could not get that little boy to take his new beloved Thomas sweater off for all the world. I was seriously terrified he was going to get heat stroke so I made him stay inside with the air down low.

The sweater still fit him when we moved here & Nana was delighted to see him wearing it & loving it so much. I, was not, however, delighted at the fights I went through to wash the crazy thing. I got really good at washing it at night & telling him I had no idea how it got wet while he was sleeping. He got really sneaky & started wearing it to bed. Needless to say at his crazy growth rate he outgrew the sweater & he was most displeased when I told him I was going to put the sweater away. In fact he demanded to go to Nana's right away so he could ask her how to make a new one.

Jayden received a bigger sized Thomas sweater that was a bit too big for him & thus he can still wear it, all though it's starting to get a bit too short on him. While he no longer wears the new sweater to bed, it's still his first choice when I ask him to get a jacket or he's cold. When I was cleaning out closets a few weeks ago I asked him if he'd like me to put his Thomas sweater up with his older smaller Thomas sweater. "No thanks, I might be too old to watch Thomas, but I'm not too big for this sweater." Nana has decided to look into making yet another bigger Thomas sweater. I'm absolutely certain it will not go astray.

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