Saturday, November 3, 2012

Photo 365

I thought I'd share about a fun app I've been using: Photo 365. The idea behind the app seems pretty similar to the Project Life thing that's pretty hot among many scrapbookers right now, only this is all digital unless you chose to print out the photos. I think it'd be kinda neat to print out the pictures along with the journaling {if you choose to add some} in one of the mini books that you can get printed via your instagram photos. You know about instagram, right?

Anyway, it's a pretty simple app. Each day of the month a little reminder comes up to take a photo or simply upload one you've all ready taken. Somedays I upload more then one photo, depending on if I remembered to post one the day before or not. It's really that easy. I like to add a bit of journaling, which can only be viewed if you click on a particular day.

It's kinda fun to look back over everything we've done in a month. We were going to put a blank/black photo in for the 17th of October, but in the end we snapped a photo of an empty bench in the airport. You see, according to the calendar we had no 17th. We left the US on the 16th & arrived back in Australia on the 18th. See, no 17th, & I bet you thought time travel was pure science fiction!

You can choose to share your photos via social networking sites, but I don't. I even hesitated sharing a months worth of photos here. It's not that I mind if people see the photos, but there's something a bit personal about the whole thing for me. Kinda like glimpsing at things through my eyes, thus why there's a white hold in my calendar up there, I removed most of a photo.

In the end, I opted to share one months worth because it's really fun to see what a full on month looks like all filled in. My kids think it's fantastic to check out all the photos, especially if they are in them. Mr S just loves seeing all the photos. That's probably because he hasn't spotted the mad scientist photo of himself in there yet which is absolutely nothing compared to the photo of him wearing my dad's old safety glasses.

Ahh, the memories. I love photos, can you tell? Family fun for us is sitting around & taking a bunch of nerdy photos & then laughing ourselves silly over them. When we first married we use to ask each other silly questions. So one day Mr S asked me what I'd grab to "save" if the house was on fire. He told me, while asking, he'd grab me & the babies. So, I told him that since he had the most important stuff covered I'd grab the photo albums. Yeah, photos bring back good memories, & even the photos that remind you of sad events still hold precious memories.

I seriously love this app.

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