Sunday, November 18, 2012


I don't know exactly when it happened that I suddenly became the mother of an eleven year old child, but here I am & so is he. He's still short for his age, but we never seem to notice that, we just look at him & think, "When on earth did he get so grown up!" He's still incredibly thin & his pants still don't stay up properly on him despite his deep affection & love for jeans these days, but we never really think about it like that. We just look at him & think, "Someday, they'll make pants with indestructible knees in them."

He's never worn a pair of pants that he's outgrown before the knees gave way. That might be because he grows so slowly he wore the same pants for three winters in a row, but I don't think so. I gave up buying him new pj pants & now just pick up anything that looks decent at the op-shop & sew them down to his size. It's much cheaper & no one stresses when the pants get holes in them, unless they are the second hand Darth Vader pants that a certain 11 year old boy adores.

He's still not into the latest fads & marches to the beat of his own drum, we love that so much about him. Sure he loves Mario, but his favourite character is not whom you'd expect. It's Toad, the little mushroom. Which is the only reason he really super especially wanted that shirt, & that's why I super especially bought it for him.

He never leaves home without his pocket knife, & if he does he stresses the whole time we're out until he can get home & be sure it's right where he left it. There was a lot of tears when it went missing for many months, & then one day he was on "find the book duty" when he found the knife. There was much cheering & screaming, he know keeps it securely clipped to his pants. I'm pretty sure if he could only grab one thing before leaving the house, he'd take that knife over his trading cards every day of the week & twice on Sundays. After all, "It's just like Poppy's."

He never wears his watch tight on his wrist & so it slips & slides & falls off. I lament that he'll ruin another watch & he complains that it's not his fault the watch won't stay on. I point out that one generally wears their watch tighter then he's chosen & he laments that it feels weird being so tight. Maybe that's because he's so stick figure thin nothing has ever been tight on him in his entire life.

He says he looks weird with short hair & better with longer. I tell him he's silly & has it totally backwards. He once wanted a "tail" like a jedi knight. I hid the StarWars videos & told him that people might mistake him for a girl. He never asked again. I'm glad, because there are such bigger things in life to fight about then hair. He still hates getting haircuts though.

He still asks so many questions that I have to tell him regularly I'm off duty & can't possibly answer another question for the rest of the entire day. He's learned to accept this time in our day, except when I announce it at 7am. After all, shouldn't every mother be able to explain all about black holes first thing in the morning? He'd make a fantastic research analyst  except he'd probably get so busy with the research he'd forget to report back.

He's wickedly loyal, & his brother loves him so much for this. You see, no one in the whole wide world can say anything about his little brother or they'll get an earful about it. Apparently while we were in the US, he told someone off for referring to his brother as a tattletale  he told another cousin off this weekend for calling his brother smelly-- even if it was a joke. I'm always slightly taken aback by the fierceness in which he tells others to leave his brother alone. If only the same rules applied to himself in regards to his little brother.

He's become quite the sportsman lately too, which is not to say that he enjoys watching sport, but that he enjoys being active in it. I think it's the competition he likes, but mostly against his own family not other children. He's never been extremely competitive against other children, he doesn't like to hurt other's feelings.

He's very compassionate in that nature. But don't let it fool you, he's generally cheering for the bad guy in most stories. Or is it that the courage of the bad guy to be, well so naughty, when he wouldn't dare alluring to him? I haven't decided yet.. I did find myself laughing hysterically when I found out that the worst punishment in the lego castle they were playing with was being in detention with Voldemort & Count Olaf though.

Which reminds me that he's such a bookworm. Despite his inability to read quickly, or read every word, or apparently see properly, it's never held him back from becoming fully immersed in books. I'm really excited to see where his new found ability, with the help of his green glasses, takes him over the next year.  For now though, I'm going to enjoy the last 3 months of having an 11 year old in the house, because then I'll have a 12 year old which will most likely take me another year to own up to.

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