Friday, November 9, 2012

Super Homeschooler?

It's been brought to my attention, a half dozen times or more, that our little blog is up for nomination in annual homeschool blog awards.

We're humbled that you'd think that highly of us, but I feel the need to set the record pretty straight about a few things.

One of the categories that our blog is nominated in happens to be Best Super-Homeschooler. Seriously sweet that anyone out there thinks that way about our little family, but may I just be really honest with you guys for a minute?

I don't wear a cape when I'm homeschooling, or cooking, or shopping, or driving, or doing anything for that matter. In fact, we've had two really rough weeks of school, which is not to say we haven't learned anything, but to simply say we're totally human! I, like hundreds of other homeschool Mums, deal with tears & tantrums, bad attitudes & defiance, & that's just from the teacher alone...

In the last two weeks I've dealt with an unending pile of laundry, that had to be hung out between rain storms & balanced with the workload of teaching children. A host of unexpected interruptions  the strangest of which was someone from the Australian Bureau of Statistics who asked an unending supply of rather personal & nosey questions which she swore would take five minutes, but set our entire day back by a good 45. Have done all my pre-planning, or weekly prep stuff five minutes before bedtime on Sunday night due to helping a family member back & prepare to move. I've had children confess a multitude of sins, the funniest of which was, "Mom, I'm sorry I know I deserve to be punished. When you were hanging out the laundry I saw Daddy's ds laying there & I thought I would put it away, but as soon as I touched it I couldn't resist opening & once I opened it I snuck a turn on it." Watched our family dog run away while my children were learning to sing Amazing Grace, off key no less, while I was bawling my eyes out.

Received no less then six blank text messages from same said family member, all of which I had to sort out & make sure said family member was safe & sound. Killed two computers, okay actually I did not. One died of it's own accord thanks to a freak, & very wild, storm. I adjusted the wiring of the other computer & it died of it's own accord, thankfully Mr S is a whiz-bang at this stuff & revived it for me.

Slept with a child in my bed. Said child is as tall as his 5' grandmother & doesn't know the meaning of "keep on your own side of the bed." I've actually been driven to the kids beds or the couch when this child comes crawling into our bed thanks to freak storms. I also woke up to Mr S screaming, because the other said child was hanging over him saying, "Are you awake!" Said child ran screaming from the room while Mr S was shouting, "It's okay, you just freaked me out Mate!" Said child apparently couldn't sleep.

Discovered a disconcerting amount of cobwebs that need my attention, but are second in line to the sticky floors my sweet children dripped cherry popsicle all over. Which of course are second in line to the floors I have to vacuum daily thanks to an infestation of bugs in one bedroom, never, & I mean never, go away on holiday & think you can vacuum the carpet when you get back.

Found both my students sneaking up behind the couch where the said Statistic Lady was sitting, only my kids had nef guns. If she saw any of my frantic arm waving, eyebrow moving, or glares she's probably convinced the people in our house are absolutely insane. That's okay, maybe they won't come back!

Yeah, I just felt the need to be sure that you knew exactly what we're dealing with around here. Now that you're fairly warned feel free to vote to your hearts content!

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Butterfly said...

Ha ha! Well, I like that you are REAL in your blogging ... I mean, your writing shows very clearly your love of your children, enthusiasm for learning, sense of humour, personality, humility and normality. I do think you're amazing but you write about reality enough that you seem like a friend next door (wish you were).

You DO show us piles of cool curriculum, but don't make any wild claims that you do everything from cover to cover or that your kids are perfect and study 10 hours a day without a murmur (no harm if they choose to of course!)

As far as home ed. ambassadors, why not? You show that it is a valid (albeit really fun and awesome, often snuggly) way to raise educated young people.

I don't know where to vote, but if you get an award, accept it on behalf of all human, wholehearted home ed parents doing as you ... surviving, thriving, and loving the rollercoaster ride we have chosen!