Monday, November 12, 2012

Five In A Row Scrapbook

England Page from Peter Rabbit
Last week I was rearranging a few things in our school area to make room for a set of cupboards we were given. The cupboards are now housing all sorts of our goodies, but in moving things around I was distracted by the kids lapbooks & old Five In A Row scrapbook.

While the boys made their own lapbooks for  some of the books we rowed, when they were much littler they just enjoyed coloring things that went along with our studies. I felt bad throwing those items away because they often put a lot of time & effort into them & were of course so very proud of those things. Instead we cut them out & glued them into a 3-ring binder styled scrapbook.

It was so sweet to go back through & find all those lovely little things. It was fun to see all the fun we had, especially since Jayden will be using FIAR one last time next year. Anyway, I snapped a bunch of photos & thought I'd share a bunch of them here.

Bible Stories from Peter Rabbit: People who obeyed God, People who didn't.
Trying our hands at Water Colors; I printed Peter colouring sheets directly onto water colour paper.

Peter Rabbit puppets we put on craft sticks; oh the many tellings of Peter we had with these things!
Science with Peter; we watched a bean grow & measured it over the course of 17 days
Language Arts with Peter; Morgan wrote about a Zebra & I typed it for him. He illustrated it
Art from Storm In The Night. I had a packet of paper shapes & the boys made their own quilt.
Math with Mike Mulligan
Geography with Madeline, oh how the boys loved this book, they still speak of it!
Language Arts With Madeline
Math with Madeline
Bible With Madeline
Fun with Mr Gumpy's Motorcar
Art with Mr Gumpy
Math with Mr Gumpy; clouds came from a Mailbox Magazine
More Storm In The Knife fun: art & math
Storm In The Night Math & Science; Raindrops from Mailbox Magazine
More science & math with Storm In The Night
So much fun we had. We have an even bigger scrapbook in the US that we had a lot of fun looking through, but I'll have to share those photos another day.


Nancy said...

What fun and great memories!! My son enjoys going through his old Five in a Row stuff too.

I am looking forward to doing some of that with my daughter as well.

kim said...

Awwww! What sweet memories.