Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Traditions

In my family when a baby is born Mom has always done a counted cross-stitch picture to welcome the new one. This was true for each of my children, along with beautiful crocheted blankets, my favorite is a blue & white one that I, admittedly, used anytime it was laying around & a baby didn't need it. Mom has made many cross-stitch pictures over the years.

In fact, she has some gorgeous Civil War ones hanging on her walls at home. I still remember when she was working on them. She had to count the number of threads in the material she was working on because it was linen & not the pre-holed {is that a word} adia cloth you generally use. I can't remember if my boys noticed those pictures while we were in the US, I meant to point them out to them because we'd discussed how Gram had the generals from the war on the wall, but I digress..

I've also made a few over the years, all though I tend to be much slower at it then Mom is. So much so that I've been working on the same one for a couple of years now. Sad, but true. Which means the one I had planned to do after it as a gift has been sitting there waiting for years too. I really should remedy that situation.

When I spotted the Pledge of Allegiance cross-stitch pattern I thought it would be really fun hanging in our schoolroom, but I was lazy & asked Mom to make it for us. She did. When we moved I was certain I'd packed it in my bags, but you know for 6 years I looked for that thing. It's true, I became discouraged each time I thought I knew where I'd stashed it only to find it missing. There's a hoodie that has a story all most identical to this.

While in the US Mr S & I were looking through all our stuff in storage & what did I stumble on? Yep, our Pledge Of Allegiance cross-stitch that Mom had made. I squealed so loud my cousin said, "You have to take that back with you!" Ha, of course I was taking it back with me. I haven't gotten it framed yet, & as you can tell by the nifty little crease across the kids chins I haven't even ironed it yet. Nope, instead I pulled it out of my case & slapped it on the art line.

I also stumbled upon both of the boys baby samplers. To which there were also squeals of, "Aww, remember when these were hanging on the boys walls.." I thought I'd brought both of those back, but upon unpacking I only found Jayden's:

The glass on his had been broken & when I rescued the picture I must have put it with the other one. Morgan's is a Noah's Ark picture & must be safely tucked in with the other framed pictures. Can you guess what themes their nurseries were when they were born? Ha, not that they had glorious nurseries, as long as Jayden's been around they've always shared a bedroom. In fact, when I mentioned having them sleep in their own bedrooms for a change, Morgan was absolutely mortified.

Someday, if I actually remember I might snap a photo of one or two that are laying around that I made, but seriously, they can't compare to Elliot up there. The photo doesn't show it, but his colours really are very vivid & beautiful. I love Boyd's bears, don't you? I use to buy Mom one each year for her birthday & Mother's Day until the store I purchased them at closed down. Our family traditions are pretty well woven into each other, I love that.

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