Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cray Guys

Over the past couple of months we've been helping a family member pack & prepare to move. Two weekends ago, or was it more now?, we helped this family member actually move into their new living accommodations.  The thing is, moving isn't easy & it's usually not without it's own stresses.

We spent many weekends helping pack in order to make moving day go more quickly. There were moments of complete insanity, but that's pretty normal for this family. Moving day arrived bright & early with a few extra family members along to help. There was still some minor packing to do & plenty of unpacking too. None of which is too cumbersome, just tiring & often very boring.

It's moving the big stuff that gets to me. Whenever the guys move the bigger pieces of furniture I cringe. It's not because I'm worried about dents & dings, but because those big old fridges, loaded dressers, & whatnot always look like they are about tumble over on them. I've learned it's best not to watch.

I was dutifully sticking to my, "do not watch" when I heard things tumbling in the fridge. I ran out to remind them the fridge had glass shelves in it, to which they didn't care because the doors of the fridge were currently flying open while they had it on the lift going into the truck. It was one of those laugh of cry moments, in which we all chose to roll with laughter at the absurdity of 5 adults scrambling to slam doors.

Mr S was guiding the fridge while his eldest brother was pushing the fridge after they got it up onto the truck. Another moment I hate because I'm thinking getting squashed by a fridge would be pretty painful! However, when Mr S yelled out, "Hey Mate, stop I've still gotta get out!" I turned around. His brother, in normal older brother practice, rolled with laughter & finished shoving the fridge in the truck.

Next thing we know Mr S's head pops up over the top of the fridge & says, "Very funny. I'm stuck." More laughter. Mr S doesn't move. I say, "Are you really stuck?" "Yes!" "Can't you climb over that table & around the book case?" "Um, maybe." A few minutes later we see a leg come up & over, followed by half his body only to see it all slip back out of sight.

It took him a good ten minutes to maneuver around the items, a brother to help pull him, & a whole lot of laughter on my behalf. There was also a lot of picture taking, all though they aren't very good because I was laughing so hard. In fact, I was laughing hard enough that the next door neighbor came out to see what was going on, & when she vanished so did half the workers who were went to join her for cream & scones. I'm not kidding!

Mr S eventually escaped, without harm & even enjoyed a plateful of scones & cream. The later of which was rumoured to be completely delicious, I can't attest to that as they were loaded with dairy. Nothing like a light hearted moment in the middle of a long & tiring day.

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