Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Star

What can I say? When the boys saw the kiwi start at our local Woolies they wanted their photo taken with it. The sign upon it encourages them to, so we did. Mr S wanted a piece of the action, because he's like that you know. We did not, however, share our photos on Facebook. We figure you can shop at whatever store you want if your lucky enough to have other options!

Don't ask about the letters the boys are holding, just don't I beg you. If you say anything about that absurd letter Y Morgan will crack every joke in the book he knows. It was suppose to be the letter M, but that's what happens when you're 4 & your Daddy plays one of those ridiculous claw machines that eat your money. You end up with a Y, that you still love & adore when you are 11. That you still annoy your mother mercilessly with because you can make a million and one different jokes about Y. At least the J makes sense, right? You know it does!

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