Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend, when I turned around in the car to see what all the giggles were about & I saw Morgan reading a comic book to Jayden not only did my lips smile, but so did my heart. I couldn't resist stopping right there & snapping a photo. It's not abnormal to see them curled up, together, with books. It's not abnormal for them to help each other while they read. But to see Morgan reading sentences without hesitation & with sound effects is amazing.

Morgan has been reading so much lately with his glasses. He's still borrowing some from Dr F while we await the arrival of his own. He had his last appointment for the year with Dr F on Tuesday & we've sent off the order for his own tints which the lab will fit into his own frames. It took a long time for him to decide what tints were best for him. It came down to purple & green hues when he lamented he couldn't decide because whichever pair he picked up first worked fine, but when he put the second ones on he was noticing deep black lines under all the words.

Once he explained this Dr F changed up the hue of green, because she's amazing like that, & Morgan looked up with a huge grin on his face & said, "That's the one! It's perfect." I'm not sure which one was more relieved: Morgan or Dr F who had to deal with a wiggly eleven year old who'd gone straight from his school lessons to a Dr's appointment.

Morgan's started to notice more symptoms of SSS popping up the more frequently he uses the glasses. At first he found it very disconcerting & lamented that he hated wearing the glasses Dr F loaned him because when he took them off his eyes did crazy things. We're not 100% sure if these are things that were going on before glasses & he was simply unaware they were wrong, or if the help the glasses offer him have the whole "cause & effect" thing going on when he removes them.

Either way, he's still trying to come to grips with the fact that he needs to wear his glasses more often. He had a minor melt down last week when he lamented in deep dispair that, "I can't read this & I've fallen so much today I'm not moving from my bed ever again!" I was equally frustrated & instead of making the gentle suggestion he wear the glasses handed them to him & said, "Here's the answer to your problems. Put them on."

He cried a bit more & said, "But I don't want to be one of those people! I don't want to have to wear them!"
"Why? Does it matter if you are one of those people?"
"But these glasses are ugly!"
"I'm not going to lie to you. I do think the frames aren't exactly your style, & they certainly aren't my style, but if you can read & walk without getting hurt does it matter if they are ugly?"
"What will people think when they see me with them on?"
"Who cares! Do you really want to spend your life worrying about what other people think? You're so much better then that, you are so much braver & stronger then that! You've never ever worried what people have thought about you before, & I think it's crazy silly of you to start now. You were created in the image of God & nothing else matters!"
"What if they laugh at me?"
"I'll go crazy Mamma Ninja style on them, & they'll never dream of laughing at you again."

He put the glasses on & wore them for the majority of what remained in his day, & I noticed, after that, he was choosing to wear them of his own accord without any prompting or reminding. They always showed up on the school table & come on when he is doing his work. They find his way in the car anytime we travel so he can read, & now get lost in his bed every single night.

On the way to our appointment on Tuesday, I gently broke the news to him that, "Dr F might need those glasses back today, I'm not sure. The letter asked us to bring them with us, they are her's you know. She's just loaned them to you until your new ones come. We'll get yours as soon as the lab can make them & ship them back to us."

He didn't answer. He was too busy reading another Club Penguin comic book in the back seat, giggling quietly to himself. I lamented to Mr S that I didn't want to give the glasses back, not because I was in love with the glasses. Seriously, I think they are dreadfully ugly & that's nothing compared to the case they were given to us in. Dr F knows they are ugly, she admitted it, but when something ugly can open up a world to you that you never thought you'd be able to access you don't complain.

Mr S agreed that giving them back, before our own arrived would be rough, especially with the progress we've made. I wasn't sure which progress he meant: the non-stop world of reading Morgan has discovered or the mental hurdles he's climbing to accept the fact that wearing green lenses is the answer to the many prayers he's prayed. I just nodded.

When Dr F asked Morgan how he was going with the glasses he gave his normal nervous shoulder dance. Left shoulder up, right shoulder down. Right shoulder up, left shoulder down. Scuff feet. Pull the front of his shirt. Repeat. She asked him again & he replied with, "Okay I guess." She asked me, & I told her he was doing awesome, but that he was struggling with the concept of needing the glasses.

She turned to him & said, "You know it's not forever right?" He looked up. He tried on his own frames for her, & she told him they were very nice & suited him well. Despite his desire not to be "one of those people" {whomever those people are} he was all smiles when she told him he could keep the borrowed glasses until his own arrived.

"Your Mum can mail them to back to me when you are done with them, okay?"He smiled & didn't hesitate to snatch the glasses off the table.

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Nancy said...

Poor guy, it sounds like things are hard but you guys are handling it all beautifully! Thanks for sharing.