Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday Cards

Birthdays are kinda a big deal around here. As sad as it is for our children to get older, in the emotional sense, it's a big deal too. There are certain traditions the boys have come to love & expect. They also do their best to try & carry some of them out for my birthday.

Oddly enough, I never buy them a birthday card. I just don't. They've never complained about it or asked about, all though one year Jayden requested a card, a very specific card. He wanted one with a singing & dancing hamster on it. We bought it for him after searching through 5 stores to find it. He was delighted.

When Mr S takes the boys birthday shopping it's always a funny ordeal to me while I sit & wait. There's also lots of whispering & giggling & many half told stories because they realise if they tell me what's so funny they'll blow the secret they are trying to keep.

The night before my birthday Jayden was so excited he simply couldn't sleep. We found him on the couch the next morning. Or rather, I should say I found the remains of his blankets on the couch. He was up at first light, literally, & pounding on my bedroom door to know if I was awake, "Not that I'm waking you up, but since you area awake can we give you presents?"

He was very intent I open his card first, which he'd especially picked out all by himself. I know homemade cards are sweet, & we really do love them around here so don't hesitate to give them to us, but I absolutely love it when my boys pick out cards. They use to give such funny cards because they always based it on the picture. I'll have to share some of them one day. Jayden, despite being able to read, wanted to pick out a really girlie card for me. He didn't bother to read, he just snagged the girliest looking card that was pink & had a teddybear on it.

That's his up there on the right. Notice the writing on the front? "For my Beautiful Wife." I laughed so hard before pulling myself together & saying, "Such a cute card, i really love that bear holding all the flowers!" He'd apparently wanted to give me flowers too, but thought he could only buy them at the veggie shed & didn't want to tell me to go there because he thought I'd know what he was up to. When I opened up the card he'd painstakingly written a message to me too which read: "Mom hop uoy in a gooe uor brftae {heart} Jaydin" {Which means: "Mom, hope you enjoy your birthday, love Jayden} I looked up & said, "Oh, did you know you put an I in your name?" He leans over & says, "What?! Daddy! Did you try to change my name in the card when I wasn't looking?"

Then Morgan gave me the card on the left. He actually read the card before purchasing, & it was equally funny. Can you read it? "Your birthday card cost Terry & Sue an arm & a leg" His sense of humor is just like Mr S'. Morgan decided to make it a bit more girlie by adding some Hermoni lego stickers to it, because he deemed me just as smart as she is. Talk about feeling special!

Yep, homemade or store bought my guys pick out some very cute & funny cards! Then again they've always picked out pretty funny gifts too. They once gave Dad a set of boxer garden lights. Morgan was attracted to all the nifty stripes & polka dots. They also gave him a play hot-wheels set once because, "I'm sure he'll love the cars!" they couldn't wait for him to open it so they could use it. One year, while decorating coffee mugs for all the adults for Christmas I turned my back to stir something on the stove & when I turned back Morgan had drawn a whole "cops & robbers scene" on my sister-in-law's mug. But, "Mom! I used pink, I know Jacqueline will love it because I picked pink! See?" There were guns & bullets too. I'm sure she cherished that cup forever. Ha! Pretty sure they purchased my brother a model car once. With the ages 2-5 year olds on it. Made of wood. "Because he loves cars too, & this will be so easy for him to do because it says so on the box!"  I'm looking forward to Christmas shopping with them next month, it's always so much fun!

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