Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art Cabinet

While helping a family member move recently they decided to part with the two cupboards in the bottom of the picture. There was a little rejoicing over this fact as these really heavy cupboards have been moved a few times over, but then I said I'd take them home.

We had a smaller cabinet holding all our art supplies & when I opened it up recently to get computer ink out of it, the contents of the cupboard nearly attacked me. I was debating what I was going to do & planning to give it a good cleanup come summer break. Bringing home the cabinets simply meant I got to it quite a bit quicker.

It also meant I did some minor rearranging, which is nothing majorly new in our home. Mr S use to lament that the only reason he knew he was in the right house was because of the strand of Christmas lights I had hung around the front door. That was, until the day he came home & found that the room we use to call ours now had two sleeping children in it. Over the years he's just learned to expect things to be moved, especially in the kitchen after he's finally figured out where they actually belong. Poor fellow.

As for the cabinets they now sit in our lovely sunny school area & have helped us tidy up more then the art supplies. The cabinets are big enough I can actually put some of our lapbooking & notebooking tools in there that have always been too long for cabinets. It's also wide enough that I can put the two shelves on top. I would have put them under, which would make more sense, but seriously those two doored cabinets are heavy! I was worried they might break the lighter shelves.

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