Friday, November 23, 2012

Another Week In Review

The closer we get to the end of the year, 3 weeks to go now, the faster my children seem to run. In fact we've been so busy this week this is actually last week's stuff that happened!

We got very carried away reading The Winged Watchman last week which is a really sweet book about World War II. My boys really loved it & despise when I'd put it away for the day. The only downside to the book was that I don't speak Dutch so I'm pretty sure I was pronouncing the names pretty poorly. Not that my children minded, but I have to confess it really made me wonder...

While reading about World War II last week Jayden was dutifully building away. Can you tell we were  reading about air raids at the time? Jayden built this little scene with a plane, a few ground troops, & well, I think the bus was suppose to be a tank, but I can't remember!

We had a solar eclipse last week which, thankfully, we'd told the boys was coming. Jayden asked us every day if the next one was the right day. I'm so glad he did! I told them I'd wake them up if they weren't up so they could watch it start to finish. So there we stood in the front yard with x-rays glued to our faces in our pjs while the rest of the neighborhood gawked at us as they attempted to get ready for school & work. We missed the last 20 minutes of it due to extreme cloud cover, during which we time we discussed x-rays & how to read them.

Jayden reviewed lines this week in his math. He was delighted to pull out his notebooking page to be sure he had the names right. I have him do some of his math in the book & then we type answers in to the computer from there. We had a sensitive mouse track pad & it was choosing answers for him if he hovered too long over a specific area while reading the math equation. Ahh, we have to love technology right?

Morgan worked on probability, square roots, & an assortment of other things this week. Yes, that's Bananagrams out for math my friends. Because you use all sorts of things for math too right? The really funny part was that I dropped 6 letter tiles in there. I thought I'd dropped 2 Ts, 2 Ss, & 1 A in the bag. I was curious to see how his graphs would work based on those letters. Well, turns out I actually dropped in 3 Ts & only one of each letter. I was sitting there thinking, "This is a little lopsided considering what I put in the bag!" We had a great laugh when it was over.

We made our way through this stack of books this week. Well, we didn't finish the bottom two last week, but then again we weren't suppose to. If you're learning about WW II & looking for a historical book that's reasonably gentle for the younger crowd, The Winged Watchman is so worth it! My boys enjoyed Thimble Summer which we read some of & listened to some of. It was a sweet little book & they really loved Garnet's enthusiasm for life. We had such a long chat about what WE would do if we'd gotten locked in the library. It sounded like bliss to us, the whole thing, to ourselves!

Lots & lots of notebooking pages were done this week. The boys really loved the propaganda buttons. Interestingly enough a lot of US propaganda was up this week & some of last, on Facebook that they picked up for what it was thanks to this little lesson.

The other side of the papers above. That little pocket is so very full of old WWII propaganda posters. See Rosie there on the front? I'm so getting a t-shirt with her on the front that says, "I teach math" It just made me laugh. Come on, admit you want one!

More notebooking pages. L to R: Ration booklet & token holder. There's another picture of the inside you'll see later, I think. It inspired the boys to want to do a WWII day, which I'm working on planning for next year in the winter where a blackout will make more effect on them. The Holocaust booklet, speaking of many concentration camps, as well as famous Jews from that time. Navajo Code Breaker page which is two sided & discusses how the Navajo language came to be used in the war.

Inside of the ration booklet. Lots of cutting they did with it, but it made them very aware of how rationing worked in regards to what could be bought when, where, & how.

A variety of Army papers that the US Soldiers would have had. I snapped photos before they were filled out with any kind of personal information. That little red booklet is thick. It's the handbook officers were given, & my boys enjoyed looking through it & trying a few things out.

Medals & ribbons given out during WWII for a variety of things. Jayden was in love with this page. He could not wait to look at books with WWII soldiers in it to see what kind of medals they had. Which reminded me that Nana had a medal from her Uncle being in WWII, & when they asked if they could see it she was delighted.. until we all remembered it was in storage & not in her home. Alas..

This was suppose to be the personal Rucksack of John F Ebel. Inside is a story about him, his medals of service, photos of his mates, souvenirs, & other little goodies. Jayden was highly disappointed that he could wear the rucksack when it was put together. I'm thinking he'd really love one for Christmas, along with a WWII helmet.

This page was a trifolded page & it caused lots of excitement too as they could see the break down of all the various forms of warfare & weapons used. I'm pretty sure that page will be getting a bit of reference as we finish reading a few WWII books I found on the shelves & in the library.

Last but not least was the K-rations page. The boys were impressed the soldiers got a spoon with every meal. Seriously, that cracked me up to no end. It's all an adventure to the innocent isn't it? A cool new spoon with every meal, eating of of packets & tins. They were a little unimpressed that cigarettes were included in the rations, which equally made me laugh. I know, I know, but a lot of their reactions were just so very sweet & innocent.

Somewhere in that week we also had a trip to the park, a dinner at the beach, & lots of outdoor play. We're loving the warmer weather ahead. The boys are now anxiously planning a summer victory garden, which seems like a perfect way to prepare to wrap up this unit!


Phyllis said...

With your lovely posts, you have convinced me to try HITW's history. Thanks for sharing how you put your history together.

Four Little Penguins said...

Do all of those lapbook pieces come from Homeschool in the Woods? I am looking at using their Time Travelers History Studies series and am just wondering if that is what you use and if you get all of this in the series?

Kendra said...

Yes, most weeks all the items shared for: Revolutionary War, Civil War, Colonial Times, The Great Depression, & know WWII have been from there. Of course the little report my children did on Harriet Tubman was just something that we typed up.

It's just so convient & lovely to have all the pieces premade for you & there are lessons in the Time Travelers too that are just wonderful. I haven't shared any of the recipes or games this time around because we haven't actually made any. We have some major food restrictions/dietary needs & rather then figure it out we just kinda skipped it for now.