Monday, October 22, 2012

Yellow Duct Tape

When my inlaws first came to the US, my father-in-law had all their luggage covered in bright yellow C's made from duct tape. The C's, of course, standing for their last name. We really picked on him about his crazy C's, mostly because we thought it was really very funny. But when we came to Australia in 2003 we had hideous yellow C's on our bags too.

When we went to the US a few years ago, once again, we had bright yellow C's on our bags. That time our baggage got lost on our way into Nashville. We stood at the baggage claim long after they turned it off & the lights out. An employee came up to ask what was wrong & I said that not one single bag of mine had been on the flight, or if it had I hadn't seen it come on the belt! She told me to come into her office & describe my luggage. I got as far as saying, "Well I had bright yellow C's on all our bags.." She was typing away madly when she said, "Found them!" They were stranded in Memphis, but arrived the following day to Mom's front door for us.

So needless to say when we went to the US this time, once again, we put bright Yellow C's on our bags. After all, it was no longer just about tradition, but the fear that our bags might get lost. We also had other things on our bags to help make them stand out. For instance, the bag above had a spare footy bumper sticker on it. The bag above is very common around here, especially amongst Asian tourists. You can actually stand it up like it is now & roll it in any direction very easily, so I get whey they are common.

Our bags weren't lost or delayed this time, but I was really glad we had tell-tale stuff on them because apparently everyone has either blue hard suit cases or black duffle bags! I tripple checked our name tags after gathering up our luggage, which is a good thing, because at one point we actually had someone else's bag. Whoops!

If you travel, especially internationally, I'm telling you, yellow duct tape is a life saver! I not only make yellow C's on all sides of our bags, but I put a piece of it around the handles too. Which is how I ended up with that extra bag, someone else put yellow tape around their handle too in order to make it easier to see. Next time, maybe I should go with Neon Pink.


Karen said...

We use fabric paint and really go to town...even my mum, who got very territorial over the suitcase she was decorating....wouldn't let any grandchild have a go with HERS!!! We have never had any trouble finding our either...even those that went to the wrong city and once country!!!

Tracey said...

I love duct tape!