Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week In Review: Week 30

It's hard to imagine, but with the completion of this school week we are down to our final 8-9 weeks of school! We will be taking the entirety of the month of January off to have a whole lot of summer fun, all though I'm creating our own little Summer Reading Plan for the boys, complete with prizes. I was worried it might be a little rough for us getting back into the swing of things after our international travel, but aside from a rocky Monday we had a great week.

We wrapped up 3 books we had intended to wrap up during our travels. Turbulance, air sickness, & one tired Mamma kept that from happening. We read our Harry Potter book during a delay in Nashville & wishing we could have been hanging out with Gram instead, not because our story was lame but because hanging out in airport for a delayed flight is lame. Anyway, we wrapped up War Horse, which as our own added in book for World War I as we couldn't obtain the book we were suppose to read. The boys really enjoyed the story, & for an animal book the ending wasn't sad in those regards. The movie is M rated in Australia so I'm not sure our children will be viewing it, but they hold out hope. We also read Rose's Journal this week which is a book about a little girl living during The Great Depression. Her family owns a failing farm, & she talks about her concerns, the changes in her parents, & the unending dust storms. We also finished off Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry which was very eye opening for my boys. They presumed that after the Civil War things were fine for all the freed slaves, they were a little taken aback by some of the persecution of the characters in the book. There were a few sniffles at the end, but no complaints about the story itself. When we wrapped that book up it dawned on me that every single one of our books this week had been rather emotional!

We started listening to Rascal this week which takes place during WWI as well, but in the US where the biggest hardships were the restrictions of food & the loves ones who were sent off to fight. Not that I mock these lesser hardships by any means, we know how hard it can be to have loved ones off fighting, it's just a much more laid back story, thus far, after reading of the hardships in War Horse.

Jayden started his new spelling programme & seems to enjoy it. It has a bit of a learning curve for me as it has more teacher involvement then his former curriculum did. This is a good thing, honestly, because it's easy to get caught up in the swing of handing them the books while I busy myself with something else. I like knowing what they are doing & correcting or catching problems straight away. I find that it helps nip problems in the bud before they have time to blossom out of control.

We all took the the dog for a walk which quickly turned into a nature exploration when we found hordes of stinging caterpillar attempting to cross the walk track, along the edge of the walk track, & even trying to creep under someone's fence. Our silly dog decided to give them what-for by encouraging them along with their nose & was quickly rewarded with a bit of a sting.

Jayden was back at his math again as we replaced the broken cd while in the US. Math is not his forte, but he doesn't mind it. I'm not so sure he realises exactly how often he uses math, but that's okay I don't mind not letting him on that little secret quite yet. He was delighted he had a bonus round this week, until he discovered it wasn't multiplication. He's much quicker with multiplication then he is with subtraction. I need to work with him on that.

 Morgan tackled all sorts of nifty stuff in math this week. He's delighted to be learning more, slightly, complex things in math these days. We took a month off to focus only on division in a variety of ways. It was good for us, but I feel a little crunched for time in getting everything else I had planned with him for the year. Of course, if it doesn't happen the world will keep spinning, I just need to remind myself of that now & again.

We also wrapped up our Industrial Revolution lapbook by finishing off the last bits & bobs which were mainly from the Great Depression time frame:

Did you know for a while the US had laws to make it free of alcoholic beverages? Not exactly sure how I missed that one before this point!

This nifty little piece is really just a timeline, but goodness it was cute with the film strips! There was an option to make it on plastic to look like a real strip of film, but the paper version was much easier & far more simple to fit in our timeline notebooks.

Notebooking papers with booklets that show the rise & fall of the stock market leading up to the great depression.

This nifty little booklet was perfect to wrap up the Rose's Journal with. The front has a dust storm happening on it with some black pepper sandwiched between two sheets of plastic. Lots of sneezing was happening while we finished that little booklet up!

We also had a day at the park with our local Home Ed group {Hi Mel!}, a trip to the library where we had to hunt down books we'd returned & ask them to remove them from our cards, a lunch date with Mr S, & a variety of other errands that ate up our science & art time on Friday. We were a little saddened by the later so we'll be working those in during the earlier part of next week, you know mixed with a full week of school & another Irlens appointment. Never dull around here!


Nancy said...

Wow, it is so strange that you guys are winding down when we are essentially winding up!

Sounds like a lot of great stuff!!

Catherine said...

Hi Kendra,
Just out of curiosity .. do you know what butterfly/moth those caterpillars turn into? We see HEAPS of them around, but I don't think I've ever seen them cocoon.